Thursday, July 2, 2009

Changes In Old Age

My odometer is getting ready to increase by one as it does every year about this time. The hair is getting grayer and thinner on top, the joints don't bend as easily as they used to, everything seems to take longer than it should, and certain things just seem to bug me that didn't use to. Damn, it's a bitch getting old! But, than again it is my belief that the bigger the number after your name the better off you are. When I'm 95 or so I might not feel that way, but today that is my story.

Lately helmets have been in my piss-me-off radar. I don't know, or care, why as it is just a fact of life. I have a full coverage one for when I'm out on the highway that is a carryover from my early years. Not the exact helmet, just the type. As an early rider, starting when I was 17, had it not been for a full coverage Bell Star I can guarantee I wouldn't be typing this today. In my years of experience I have used up at least four helmets. Used up as in making a significant enough amount of contact with asphalt, with my head inside, to render them useless. Back then I couldn't even consider riding without one simply because I rode like an idiot.

I also have a Seer half helmet that I wear/wore in town and that is the one that started this bugging me crap. The wind buffeting around the helmet and lifting it caused me to quit wearing it and replace it with a black Harley baseball cap. Lately the baseball cap has been bugging me as well as I have to keep reaching up and pull it back down and my eyes seem to be bouncing around in their sockets making seeing difficult.

With a helmet wasn't working for me and without one wasn't either. Never mind the fact of the grief my friends and family were giving me on the issue. Then last May Mr. Motorcycle wrote about a new old school kind of helmet he found made by Fulmer. Some how that stuck in my feeble little brain and last week I looked up Fulmer dealers in the Metro area. Fulmer only sells through dealers and as I started calling the ones listed in Arizona one after the other was no longer selling them. Then a success when I found Renegade Classics. If I came in and tried it on they would order it for me with a delivery time of 3 - 5 days. I went Saturday morning, tried it on, and ordered it. It arrived Wednesday and was exactly as advertised. It fits well, seems to be well made, and best of all my eyes have quit bouncing around in my head. Well, that is all true in the short twelve miles I've ridden with it so far. The forty miles at freeway speeds this morning and then later this afternoon in the heat of the day will be all telling.
I went all the way Old School and got the Easy Rider paint job on the helmet I bought. It just seemed to fit the mood that I am in.

This post is in way adding to or subtracting from the great helmet debate. For my money I believe that every rider should have the right to make these decisions for themselves. Personally, I'm hoping that changing back to a 3/4 will make me more likely to put it on. But, that is just for me.


  1. We love Renegade Classic! Nice looking helmet...can't wait to see it on you!

  2. I had to laugh at your "bouncing eyeballs"... I too have the same problem. I've just gotten used to looking through life on two, in a jumbled up sort of way. LOL!

    Maybe in my twisted mind, the jiggling eyes was just a part of riding. Thanks for the bit of "insight".

  3. I still love my 3/4 Fulmer. The only thing I've found though, and I think I mentioned it in my post, or in the comments was that I switched to some goggles instead of glasses. The wind was circulating at the top and making my eyes water, and drying them out. I bought some cheap goggles which work fine. Now I'm saving for the Harley Davidson smaller lensed "Transitions lenses" Goggles.

  4. bouncing eyeballs, i caught that too. will be interested to hear how you like it.

  5. Let's leave this getting old crap to the pros....shall we?

    I'm already jittery so the bouncing eyeballs don't bother me. Somehow my already jittery disposition and the road helmet jitter cancel each other out...maybe that's why I dig riding!! It's the only time things look normal!

    I like that helmet! You do your own thing. I checked out the link and got distracted...where are the helmets!

  6. Damn glad I'm not old, gray and bald..I might have to think about buying a legal helmet..did I say that..I just got a Voss dealership and have been trying them out one by one..I now own 16 non dot's and 2 legal ones to take to court..Bouncing eyeballs I though that was the caffeine..

  7. Love the new helmet! We need to see a picture of you wearing it though!