Monday, July 20, 2009

Odds and Ends

I've been busy getting ready to go to Sturgis this past week. Busy as in putting the pig pen back on and getting the generator running. Not much luck on either front.

I have given up on the pig pen. I took her off and removed all of her mounts from Petunia. I'm not sure if I'm going to sell it or calm down in a couple of months and try again. It just wouldn't pull over 60 for some reason. Then Petunia wouldn't pull over 70 all by herself and there was no throttle response once she hit 3000 RPM. Almost like having a governor with a limit switch. I adjusted the Techlusion jet kit at least twelve more times and in town when I can ride in the power band it seems fine, but on the highway it is junk. So, I have given up on it also because I am remembering the trouble I had up in Williams. I took it off and replaced the Power Commander. I am riding about 125 miles a day this week out to Chandler for two classes and that will tell me if I have to go have her dyno tuned Friday or not.

The generator is a piece of crap. That is what I get for buying it on Ebay for $75. Ordered new parts and it still won't start. New and shiny out of the box it started right up and ran for about 10 minutes and quit, never to start again. I'll be out looking for a new one locally this week.

The new Fulmer helmet is great. Yes, wearing it in 115 degree heat is warm and my noggin almost feels like it is frying, but there are little holes on each side of the padding that allows air to circulate around my head. I can feel the cooling effect of this air circulation as I am riding at speed. I am very happy with the Fulmer and my only thoughts now are if I'm going to get one of those bubble shields for it in case of rain on the Sturgis trip.

Up next is get Piggy out, washed, and check out all of her wiring. I also have to connect her to Petunia and make sure there isn't an issue with the fishtails. Just looking, I'm not sure there is enough clearance for the trailer tongue to clear on really sharp turns.

My plan is to have everything ready to roll by Saturday afternoon. Every thing except the final packing. That will have to wait until next Wednesday morning, as I have an image to uphold.


  1. Sorry about the issues with the pig pen, and the issues with Petunia herself. Hope it all gets worked out. I hope you have a fantastic time in Sturgis, and be safe!

  2. Sorry you're having issues. We know all about issues. :)

    Stop by before you leave for Sturgis if you have time. We'll be gone this weekend for Too Broke. :)

  3. Mr. AHD: Sounds like things are going just as planned according to Murphy anyway! Best to get all the bumps in the road now so you can enjoy the smooth ride on the road.

    Have fun!


  4. Ms M: It's not to late. It's never to late.

    BB: Issues always work out. Safety is first, but fun is the priority.

    Ann: I will get by. Have a great time at Too Broke.

    Fasthair: Mr. Murphy is a close personal friend that visits on occassion. I try not to invite him in, but he is persistant.

  5. I agree with Fasthair... get all your bad luck out of the way before you get on the road.

    Have a great journey and I'm looking forward to your posts.