Friday, July 24, 2009

So, Now the Police Aren't Stupid?

The other night that President Dude called the Cambridge Police Department stupid. This was in response to an African American Professor being arrested after a call was made for a burglary in progress. He said/he said and the professor was arrested. After more facts have come to light, including the fact that the White Cop teaches race relations for the PD, the Anointed one has back tracked, offered an apology, and offered to have a beer with the Sargent. So, maybe there really wasn't a TelePrompter and it becomes obvious that when the heat goes way up the Supreme Ruler melts like the wax puppet he is.

And while I'm at it, this came to my attention today also.

The photo below captures a disturbing trend that is beginning to affect U.S. wildlife.

Animals that were formerly self-sufficient are now showing signs of belonging to the Democratic Party . . . as they have apparently learned to just sit and wait for the government to step in and provide for their care and sustenance. This photo is of a Democratic black bear in Montana nicknamed Bearack Obearma.


  1. What get's me is the race issues only apply to white males..a person of any other race can say what ever, do what ever and it is not racism..Now the next question would be if a polar bears call a black bear black is he a racist bear??

  2. im wondering what that bear REALLY wants

  3. I'm sure if we searched the records... this bear voted too!! LOL!

    Now give him his government funded picnic basket????

  4. The bear must be waiting in line for his government cheese. From what I hear, they give you a big old block of it - something to be considered for a long winter hibernation.

    Thanks for this. I've been way too busy to weigh in on President Black Panther. Ordinarily, I'd have been all over that like stink on shit. Glad to see you've got it covered for me. See you in Sturgis - I will be there from the 5th thru the 9th.

  5. How much damage can be done in the next 3.5 years? I’m afraid to ask.