Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Time Blues

This summer has been less than I had anticipated early in the year. There was the great fun shared with fellow bloggers at the Rumble on Route 66. There has been the fun shared with Linda. There has been the aggravation of trying to get Petunia running since taking off the Power Commander and installing the Techlusion Electronic Jet Kit. There has been a few short rides that were OK, but nothing really special.

This summer has been about taking classes and missing out on the planned ride to the east coast. Bummer!!! But in true Arizona Harley Dude fashion something just has to give. So, give it will.

The only certainty in life is that nothing is certain. If I keep waiting to do things until this or that happens, or the planets align, the only thing that will happen is I will get older or die. Because I am alive right now, I have to live right now. Living in the right now means I AM GOING TO STURGIS THIS YEAR. I've thought about it and decided to go and not to go several times. The HELL WITH IT. I just booked my place at the Buffalo Chip Saloon for the entire week and while I may not stay the entire time it was cheaper as the daily charges have gone up.

There, I have made it public and with the entire week booked a blown tire won't keep me away like last year. In 15 days my Sturgis adventure kicks off and I need to get busy getting everything done that needs done. Waiting to the last minute is just like something I would do, but that is part of the adventure for me.


  1. Oh DAMN!!!! Big D is gonna be jealous!!!!! I am too!

    Hope you have a great time! We'll be at Too Broke For Sturgis up in Mormon Lake, AZ. Say hi to everyone for us!

  2. Whoo hoo! I'm so excited for you that you decided to go. I just wish we were going to be out there with you! Bring lots of stories and pics for us!

  3. Color me jealous. I hope you have a great ride and enjoy the sights.


  4. YAY! I'll send you my cell number and you can call me and we can get together. I haven't heard from Joker lately but I think he's still going too!

  5. Ya know......A freindly Escort to sturgis would be of good use.
    Afterall, someone to watch yer back if needed, is the right thing to do...........
    So I think Mama should send me along with you.
    Just for safety reasons..;]

  6. Glad to hear you are going. I'm glad some of us are. i wish I was one of them.

  7. I'm sure you'll understand if you don't get Big D's escort to Sturgis, AZHD. I put the kibosh on that. :)

  8. Ann: I thought about TBFS, but there is no telling what next year might bring. Gotta go now.

    BB: I wish the whole was going too. There will be pictures and stories.

    Allen: It isn't to late to join in on the fun.

    IHG: I look forward to meeting you and Dan.

    Big D: Load up Brother and lets ride!

    Mr. M: See the comment to Allen.

    Ann: Sorry, but I don't understand. Just because you have to work shouldn't prevent Big D from escorting me to Sturgis. Where's you heart Sister?

    I tried Big D, but she wasn't buying it I don't guess.

  9. And I thought Big D was going to cover my back at Sturgis! Come on Ann we need him up there!

  10. bravo on deciding to go and making it work. ride safe and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Blackstone Bill: I hope to meet you, Joker, and the Blackstone group while there,

    mq01: Thanks and I will enjoy. I wish I was going to get to meet you there, but maybe next time.

  12. Still flipping coins here..If all goes well see ya at there..