Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just How Lucky Am I?

This is how Petunia looks after I opened the garage this morning and found the dash lights, radio and lights on. WTF is all I could think. How did I leave the switch on? I went to turn it off and it already was off. It wouldn't turn either direction and the lights wouldn't go off. I took off the seat and disconnected the battery.

Now since I got home from Sturgis I have only turned that switch one time. That was yesterday to check the mileage from the trip. I didn't see the lights on when I turned it off after getting the numbers or when I left yesterday afternoon. I took the switch out and because I'm hard headed I took it all the way apart to see if I could just fix it.

The problem is that small round thing in the center of the picture. It rides in the slot on the switch and appears to be needed to make the thing work. So, with all the stops for gas, water, and picture taking in the dead of the night coming home from Sturgis, Petunia chose to break down while sitting in the garage instead out in the middle of nowhere. Yes, I am lucky. Very lucky indeed. Well, except for the fact that it is a special order part and won't be here until Thursday. Hey, but I'm at home and not waiting for a tow truck.

While I'm at it, anyone ever wonder just how hot it is in Phoenix? Well, someone broke into my truck while I was gone. This is the third time in the past six months and I assume they are looking for the garage door opener that I never leave in the truck. Anyway, I ordered the window regulator and used duct tape to hold the window up until the part arrived. I did this on Wednesday afternoon about 4:30. These pictures show what it looked like Friday afternoon about that same time.

The tape effectively melted and let the window begin to slide down. That my friends is how hot it gets here in Phoenix.


  1. Considerate of Petunia to wait until you got home. Dont think my "Miss Tilley" would have been that nice. LOL

  2. Very lucky indeed!!

    BTW... Shew... that's hot!!

  3. wow azhd, that stinks about the truck break-ins. but at least petunia was good to you and gotcha home :)

  4. Glad Petunia got you home. That's funny about the duct tape. Yeah, and it's not even that hot this week! :) Try explaining to someone who doesn't live here about using oven mitts to drive your car! LOL!

  5. Geez Ann. WTF! How do you text people while you are driving with oven mitts on....that just doesn't make any sense. lol

    Damn lucky! That's a trip. That's the locking ignition switch module right? Mine has been acting wierd.

    I would be waiting up all night for the dickhead who has been breaking into your truck. Done it before and caught the dude. (I wound up gettin' my face scratched up as a result of it being bashed against the bark of a tree but I won after it was said and done.)

  6. Hey all, thanks. Petunia has been good about not leaving me stranded and I hope my luck continues.

    Dave, yes that is the locking ignition switch module. Only now it won't lock or ignite and having a module on the bike really isn't very useful.

  7. Things do seem to pile on, don't they? I have no magic words to offer. Just empathy. Hang in. I like the idea of waiting for the truck thief. Been there, done that.

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