Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday in Sturgis

Sunday was damn hot up here in Sturgis. That and the horde of people still flocking to the Rally is amazing. Leaving the Chip this morning there were another 60 or so campers/motorhomes that arrived after 8 last night. They don't allow them in after sunset to prevent damage to things they might run over in the dark. Sunday night I went to see the Credence Clearwater Review concert. The ladies' tops were disappearing before it was over. Unfortunately I wasn't close enough to get any pictures. There was almost nobody at the Saturday evening show, but Sunday it was packed. Toby Keith is tonight and I'll bet it will be packed and rowdy to the max.

It was 61 degrees this morning, but with the humidity if felt a lot colder than that. It started to warm up around 11 and has been pleasant. Even the little bit of rain felt good. I rode over to Wyoming this morning to see the Devils Tower National Monument. It is supposed to be about an hour from Sturgis, but I found a longer route and round trip was almost three hours.

Next, I headed down to the Custer State Park. This park has some great, if not on the verge of scary, motorcycle roads. There are five single lane bridges that have been blasted through the mountain with a width of nine feet. Some of the road isn't much wider than that and there are many miles without a center stripe. The problem being I was going up the hill, on the outside, with no guard rails and the folks coming down the hill had a tendency to think the entire road was their lane. There were a couple of really close calls. I was following a couple of bikes from California and at one scenic stop they commented about it and decided to turn around and go back down instead of continuing on the outside.

Inside the park as I rounded a corner I saw a sign for buffalo burgers. A barbecue right on the side of the road. There were quite a few folks that also had the idea of sampling buffalo burgers. My review of buffalo is it seems dryer than beef and a bit tougher, but was really pretty good.

I have been up and down both streets in Sturgis and seen everything there is to see. I have ridden about 700 miles of the great scenic roads they have here. Because of those reasons I am pulling up stakes and coming home Tuesday morning. This has been a great experience and I am thrilled that I have had it. But, there is only so many times to ride the same roads in five days. I wanted to wait to meet Iowa Harley Girl, Joker, and the Blackstone group, but I've done everything that I can do. That and traffic here is insane and leaving later in the week means that that same traffic will be with me all the way home. So, the Holy Grail of Motorcycle rides is coming to an end for me. Would I do it again? Never. Never until next year because it is an experience not to be missed. Start planning now for next year and remember the first time is a learning year. I can't believe how many things I didn't consider when coming up here. But, that is also part of the whole Sturgis experience.


  1. Awesome brother. I love Buffalo burgers!

    We will be planning next year. I'm not going to miss it. It's in the plan. I refuse to hang out at the rally more than a day or two because there is so much going on around the joint that just kicks ass. Free bbq, free concerts, free....well, you know.

    It's going to be a long year for me. I'm still stewing about not making it.

  2. Glad you're happy with your trip, hope the trip home is safe and fun!

  3. sounds excellent. cant wait to hear about what you've learned as a sturgis newbie :) ride safe azhd

  4. Love the review - brought back great memories of last year. As you note, a couple of days in Sturgis proper is lots, but it's the great riding up there that will bring me back.

    And I agree, the buffalo burgers were pretty dry, but something you have to try at least once.

    Hope you have a good ride home.

  5. Ride safe, my friend. See you when you return.

  6. Buffalo Burgers are great. And they are a little dry. The stuff going on around the ralley makes it all worth it to me. Thats where the majority of my time goes. Have a safe ride home.

  7. I hate that you didn't get a chance to meet the other bloggers before you had to leave.

    Looks like your visit was still pretty awesome. I would love to ride that area... and I intend to... someday!

    Great pics and telling us like you saw it. Ride safe!!

  8. Glad you're having a good time. You went to all the places we would like to go and put up some great pics, hope to put up my own pics next year.

  9. Did you make it home ok yet?

  10. Things get crazy while you are out there. I only met two bloggers on the trip...KT Did and Stix Douglas. Sounds like you had a blast though. There is always next year! :)