Saturday, August 22, 2009


The first week with students is in the books and it was the most tiring week ever. I'm worn out and don't feel well. But, a ride has to make it all better. Then we get a big monsoon storm Friday evening and the weather guessers say rain on Saturday. I try to go to sleep listening to the claps of thunder, watching the lightening streaking into my window, and watching the rain come down. Finally peaceful sleep comes at the end of a very busy week.

I'm awake at 4:30 planning to ride. I make coffee, let Pongo out and step onto the patio to check on the weather. Light wind, partly cloudy, humid, but cool. Looks promising. I prepare to depart and when I open the garage door it is raining. Well, raining is to strong of a word. It was sprinkling, but the reports I just read called for thunderstorms throughout the day and it is already raining. Leaving the garage open I return to the house to pour the last half a cup of coffee and return to stare at the sky and argue with myself about just riding anyway.

Hell, I won't melt and I really need the windshield time after the week I just had. I put on my rain jacket and head out. After three miles I'm stopping to put on the matching rain pants....sprinkling, I won't need the pants....or so I thought. Looking at the sky I need to make a decision if I should abort my planned ride and take an alternate shorter ride. HELL NO, I NEED THIS RIDE! Twenty miles later the rain has stopped and other than a few sprinkles here and there never returns. Great decision to just go for it.

After stopping in Fountain Hills for gas I head up to Payson, through Pine and Strawberry, and head to breakfast in Clint's Wells at the Long Valley Cafe.
The ride is uneventful and therapeutic in the true sense of the word. It is briskly cool and the threat of rain is there, but easing. The higher I go in elevation the better I feel about choosing to ride today.

From the time I left Phoenix until after I stopped for breakfast I only saw about a dozen bikes out and on the road. Three of those were at the gas station in Fountain Hills and they appeared to be trying to decide if they should ride or not. At the intersection with the Beeline Highway they turned around. At Long Valley Cafe two women rode up and came in. Then three bad ass biker guys showed up and sat at the table next to me. As I was eating one of them said really loud, "Look at this shit!" His friends turned, toward where he was pointing, and started to laugh. I turned and looked at two guys and two women walking toward the door. The two guys were in black wife beater tee shirts, bandannas pulled down to their eyes, wrap around glasses on top of their heads, chains hanging down and attached to their wallets, and biker boots. Both women were in matching OCC shirts and bandannas. As they walked in the biggest of the bad ass biker boys said, "Nice minivan assholes." They went out to the patio to snickers from most of the people in the cafe especially the waitresses.

The ride home was pleasant and only interrupted by a needed gas stop. The completion of the 250 mile ride made me glad that I didn't bail out because of the sprinkles when I was leaving this morning. I also stopped by Linda's before reaching home to look at a sprinkler head. Mmmmmm...seems like sprinkles were the theme of the day.


  1. LMAO!!! I'm glad you decided to ride, and ended up with a good day. But, the three bad ass bikers guys calling out the foursome in the mini-van... hillarious!!

    I think that would have made me smile all day! LOL!

    Sorry the little monsters are taking a toll on you. First week... you've got a long way to go! Hang in there and ride when you can!

    BTW... Nice looking pancakes! Yummy!

  2. you know.. im looking out at 60 degrees, blue sky, mild winds, im about dressed, drinking my coffee, and eyeballing those pancakes azhd!!! mmm yumm.............

  3. I honestly don't mind riding in a rain. I do however don't feel real comfortable with how the cagers here drive in the rain - cutting each other off, pulling out in front of each other, tailgating, etc with no regard for the rain soaked road surface.

    I've been caught by a couple downpours coming back from rides in the mountains where there is little traffic. These trips have been mentally and emotionally rewarding despite the rain.

    Glad you got to enjoy!


  4. Lady R, it is more the new principal than the kids....I'm bigger then them.

    Ms M, you big tease...half dressed....Ride on over any time and I can show you the way to those babies.

    Allen, I like riding in the rain also, it is the lightening I can do without. I agree about the cages....rain makes normal people forget everything they should know.

  5. Ya know, it sounds like you were in my neck of the woods...right down to the mini van. The weather has been so on and off for the last few days I feel like just putting on my rain gear at the start. The "mini vaners" are getting thicker as we get closer to Bikes, Blues& BBQ.
    Glad that you got in that much needed relief ride.

  6. Found out long ago that my skin is waterproof.

  7. Glad your ride was better than ours. Hope your week is better this week. Stop by sometime.

  8. Those pancakes are huge. Nice story too, lol!

    Ride on,

  9. A bit late for pancakes, but your story made me hungry - for lunch AND a ride.

    Guess I'd best get suited up and figure out where the furthest away decent lunch spot is.

    Good post.

  10. I rode in the drizzle yesterday, too.

    What I find interesting is the time you got up. Isn't it funny that on work days we often find ourselves dragging out of bed.

    On ride days, we can't be up soon enough!

  11. Hey, I don't know about anyone else but I love a good ride in the rain...granted the temps are above 65.

    I had to ride 400 from San Diego to Salinas this last weekend. It rained most of the way but it was 90 was sweet. You must have rode the front end of that storm because I was riding the tail end.

    People are my favorite hobby. (Re-OCC Mini-Van)