Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sturgis Report

All is well in AHD land. The ride up had it's share of trials. I was still having fuel and top end issues in the mountains and a freezing rain crossing the Rockies wore me out. But, I pressed on and that might cause this to run a bit long and I don't know when I'll get back up here.

Day 2 was windy beyond belief on the ride into Sturgis. That and Petunia wouldn’t get out of her own way. Hell, even semis were passing me going uphill! But, I arrived and set up camp in low 70s temperature and a 20 MPH wind. The guy in the next camp, from Tennessee, came over to help me get the tent standing. The right picture is standing in front of my tent Friday evening and is here for reference.

I wondered around the Buffalo Chip to scope things out and went back to Sturgis to find something to eat. After dinner I walked around for a while, got some shopping done, and went back to camp. AT&T Wireless uses a third party provider in Sturgis and having been burned in Alaska, I wasn’t doing that again. The Chip is supposed to have wireless, but I couldn’t make a connection. I’ll try tomorrow to try to get this posted.

I was beat and went to sleep at 8:30 with the sun still up.

Saturday I was up at the crack of dawn, in a very cool high 40 range and went looking to see when the Power Commander guys would be open. I got there at 8 as they were opening and explained my problems to them. They assured me they would have Petunia running like new in short order. It took almost 2 hours. The problem was at 3000 rpm the air/fuel ratio was 17/1.

From there it was time to ride the wheels off her to see just how well she was fixed. I headed to Spearfish to take 14A South down toward Custer. This is a beautiful road that is a great ride on a bike. At the junction of 14A and 85 I ran across the first mishap I’ve see. Three bikes were down, the cops were on scene, and everyone was awaiting the ambulance. I decided to go to Mount Rushmore instead of Custer and took Highway 224, which is the long way to get there.

On the return to Sturgis I was on the same highway as coming into town. This time Petunia ran like she was supposed to run and the gas mileage is a whole lot better than before. I will ride her again tomorrow before I proclaim her fixed.

Well, that takes care of Friday and Saturday morning/early afternoon. I'll stop for now because the cup is empty and the twisting road is calling. You'll get more later.


  1. I'm so damned jealous!!! I wish we could have gone!

    Glad you got Petunia fixed. More pictures, please!