Friday, September 25, 2009

Hells Angels Fallout Begins

After a three month investigation, and just over a week after getting a jury designation of being a street gang, the Phoenix Swat Team busted a suspected chop shop here in North Phoenix. Four of the six arrested are suspected of being associated with the Hells Angels. Of course every media outlet was on hand to record the big moment.

Those arrested were charged with owning or operating a chop shop, participating in a criminal street gang and possession of marijuana among other things.

It was reported that Phoenix PD seized multiple items of evidence at the scene that included jackets and patches associated with the Angels, major components from different motorcycles, altered VIN numbers, four ounces of marijuana as well as a shotgun and two handguns.

Curious timing for the bust to wait until a week after finally finding a jury to name the Angels a street gang. I would also suspect unless these fellas have criminal backgrounds one shotgun and two handguns aren't against any law that I know of. Stealing and chopping bikes ain't cool, but it is only alleged and still needs to be proven. I'll post updates as this travels through the system.


  1. Oh, OH, OH! Yes...another score for the good guys! whoa...who were the good guys again? mwhahahahahahah. Geez, boys and their toys. I honestly don't know who is worse here anymore.

    Another post AZHD...another post. I have to write about how criminals have basically kept the economy running. Vegas, insurance, unions...blah blah blah.

    If there was no crimes going on what would we do? Think about all the MILLIONS of jobs that would be lost...and the BILLIONS of dollars that would be lost.

    Yes, I can indeed see the bright side to any situation.

  2. This whole turn of events is very interesting indeed. And Dave, You have some good points here.

  3. hmmm, interesting info azhd. 81, gang, criminal, timing, hmmm...

  4. I need to tell my usta was father in law about this. His "tinker shop" looks like any old chop shop. He's got lots of similarities to this ... and he's just an average citizen that I know of. makes me wonder.