Saturday, October 31, 2009


Where does all the time go? Here it is Saturday again, a week later, and I haven't posted about the Bisbee ride last weekend yet. I'm going to buy a couple of Lottery tickets and maybe be able to retire to a life of full time Biker Bum.

A week of sitting grandpuppies was ending with taking them and Pongo to my daughter's house for the next three days. Moving three energy filled dogs with kennels and all accessories is more trouble than diaper bags and kids. Got them all settled, picked up Linda, packed up Petunia, and we got out of town a bit after 9. Traffic was light and with just over a half tank of gas we were off. Running in the HOV lane, with cruise set at 74, I planned to stop over on the east side of town to top off, but the needle never moved. OK, I would stretch it to Casa Grande. Didn't need to stop there, so I kept rolling all the way to Eloy and exit 200 before I began to get anxious and finally stopped for fuel. Since having Petunia tuned in Sturgis she has run great and has been getting great fuel mileage. This tank took us all the way to Bisbee where I topped off for the anticipated riding to be done there.

Bisbee is an old copper mining town. It originally was an open pit operation, but switched to underground sometime in the 1930s.

Today you can sample some of that underground experience by taking the tour, riding about 1200 feet below the ground, and listening to old miners telling about their experiences.

These pictures of Linda and I going on the tour are from the trip over Labor Day.

Linda's Noni worked in this bar, St. Elmo, while raising six kids back in the late 1920s. We stopped in and there were critters to accost.

And while the boys were bellying up to the bar what should appear? Hey, fellas, what about me? Only in small town America. The little fella stayed on the stool the whole time they were there.

We spent some time down on the Giacoletti Ranch, a 680 acre cattle ranch, owned by Linda's uncle and cousins. The ranch butts up against the US/Mexico Border fence. How do you get there you might wonder.

Riding down about 15 miles of rutted, dirt road would be the answer. Oh, and by the way Sherrif Joe has nothing on the US Border Patrol when it comes to stopping folks. On three occassions in two days they had people who appeared to be walking down the road stopped, sitting a line, and appearing to be waiting for a method of transporting them somewhere.

Sunday morning it was time to head back to Phoenix and was a brisk 38 degrees. Linda, who has been waiting for cooler weather, got her wish and decided that she might need something stronger than leather chaps. She went shopping when we got back and bought ski pants. I told her it hadn't even got cold yet.

It was a great weekend and escape from the real world that was over to quickly. I need more rides like this. It is only a couple of weeks to my next day off of school, I need to plan a ride for Veterans' Day.


  1. That is some of the best riding country anyplace..Can't wait to get there again..

  2. Great post! Love the pic of you at the border fence. And animals to accost?! That's a perfect trip, my friend!

    We've never been out to Bisbee, just pass it on the freeway. Maybe we'll have to get out there sometime. Would love the mine tour.

    Tell Linda it's not cold yet! Cold is January!! :)

  3. ooooooooooooh FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! i am needing a long ride like this... thanks for sharing your great ride azhd. and hey, that tuneup is still holding for petunia?!? very cool...

  4. Dont ya just love a bar that caters to 'everybody'. Looks like you had a great time and a real fun ride. So did ya win the lotto? Arkansas has just started it's lottery...I am now a fortyeight dollaraire. Yep, that second retirement is just around the corner. Stay safe!

  5. Now that's totally my sort of place. Maybe the next time I'm out there I can hit it with Ann and Big D, maybe even you too. Beautiful riding in the desert. Ski pants are a great choice to keep warm and dry for the passenger. I'm more of a traditionalist and stick to chaps. Wore 'em yesterday for the first time...which means time's running out for me! Arghhhhh!

  6. I loved Bisbee. I rode there back in '05...when I was riding cross country to Blyth AZ.

    I spent one night outside of town, set up in my tent....listening to the desert hills surrounding the town.

    I was just learning about photography then...why didn't I think to take pictures of the cool architecture? What a have brought back an afternoon of sheer delight as I browsed through the downtown area...thanks