Thursday, October 22, 2009

Riding Post?

I woke Wednesday to a wonderful 63 degree, sunshine filled morning. My plan was to get in a bit of riding, but first I had to go some new skin on the rear of Petunia that I didn't get around to doing on Tuesday. The last several sets of tires I put on her were bought off the Internet and installed by Bikers Bay. On the last rear tire their price for installation almost doubled and the quality of their work has become suspect. So, I called around for a price and remembered a place named The Wheel Shop . I had used them for tires years ago and was happy, but they were all the way over on the other side of town. I was sitting in their drive when they rolled open the doors and after a quick chat I changed my mind from Dunlop to a Metzler 880. I have used Metzler in the past, but the last three, starting with the one I needed in Anchorage were Dunlop. Because the current one only lasted 8,000 miles I was thinking of trying an Avon, but they weren't in stock and we are riding out of town this weekend.

During the installation the tech called me over saying there was a problem. On the last tire the caliper was misaligned and it tore up the rubber caliper bushing. That was an easy problem to fix and everything was installed and I was on the road in just over an hour and a half. So, for only about $30 more than my buy over the Internet, pay some flunky to install it, good deal I have a quality installation that feels great when rolling down the road. But, than again new tires always make a bike feel good.

That road took me out US 60 on a perfect early afternoon to break in the tire.

I headed over to Superior to try the food at Los Hermanos. This was one of the stops on the BACA runs a couple of weeks ago. When I sat down they brought out the chips and hot sauce. These homemade chips are fried to a perfect crisp and the sauce is terrific. I ordered the #7 chili relleno dinner with green sauce for $7.50. The first bite tasted of well worn grease and I was thinking bad thoughts. But, that first bite wasn't what the meal was about. The chilies were flavorful without being burning hot. The beans were homemade and some of, if not, the best I have ever eaten and the rice was good also. It also came with a homemade, hot, flour tortilla that was also great. So, now that I have my personal seal of approval I will have to take Linda there so she will forgive me for going without her.

Coming back I detoured to Tortilla Flats to ride the twisties and break in the chicken strips on the new Metzler. I thought I was leaning over until I looked this morning and see that I didn't even remove the rubber tits out on the edge of the damn thing. So, we'll see how she looks when we return from Bisbee.

Now it is off to find a place to dump some old oil and change fluids in Petunia. This seems to come around pretty darn regularly. I guess that is better than parking in some stuffy garage or something.


  1. excellent!!! and damn now im getting hungry, lol. be interesting to hear how it goes with the metzler...

  2. I don't know what it is, but I have had my front tire for 35,000 miles. It's the original tire and still has at least 2k of tread on it.

    My rear tires always manage to squeeze out at least 10k to 12k with legal tread on them.

    I slapped a set of the 880's on my other bike. I wasn't sure if I liked them or not because cornering and braking were not as solid. The harder rubber made them slip and lose traction more than I was used to. I only put a few thousand on them by the time I sold them. I would like to know how these work out for you because I figure I am gonna have to replace both front and back this time around soon.

    Now I gotta go eat something...thanks.

  3. I hope the new tire works out.

    I knew Los Hermanos would meet your approval! :)