Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hearing Voices

It is a dark, clear, cold November morning as I approach the intersection at about 45 mph. A semi is in the left lane about 50 yards ahead of me already in the intersection.  I slow a little, look left, then right, and continue when the light flashes to yellow.  I’m to close to stop, so I downshift and accelerate through prior to it turning red.  Catching the semi I’m comfortable and maybe not paying as much attention as I should be.  Then the morning takes a serious turn.

The car came from the left across four lanes of traffic from a side street.  The semi and I were both over 50 at this point with me just beginning to overtake it.  As the paramedics were working on the driver of the car she kept saying, “I never saw the motorcycle until it was to late.”

The semi driver, uninjured and mad, kept repeating it wasn’t his fault because the car never even slowed down and he had no place to go because I was there,

Wait; let me back up 10 seconds.  As I pulled up even with the semi and moved to the right of the lane something screamed, “STOP NOW!!!”   It was that little voice that I have learned to mostly listen to and when it screams I always listen.  I hit the brakes hard, just as I saw the front of the car come around the semi.  I wasn’t sure where it thought it was going, but it wasn’t going to get there.  Somehow, after running a stop sign and not seeing a semi, she saw me on the other side of it and decided now would be a good time to stop.  Slamming on her brakes put her directly in the path of a loaded semi without time for him to react.  There were squalling brakes, a big crash, and the car spun around the semi, slamming into the side of it.  They both were sliding toward the right of the roadway and I aimed for that opening. 

When everything came to a stop the car was pinned to the curb, resting almost under the semi on one side and a tree on the other.  I was pinched between the semi and curb, two inches from the front bumper of the car.  Not even enough room to fit my fist between Petunia and the car.

I’m not sure where that little voice comes from, but this isn’t the first time I’ve avoided a major incident by reacting so quickly.  The girl still doesn’t know she didn’t hit me and the trucker couldn’t believe he didn’t.  The police kept asking how did I manage to avoid getting hit.  Me?  I was thinking I was going to be late to school and have a new post for my blog.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Thanksgiving is just over a week away and many out there are preparing for a great feast. Dessert is part of that planning and pumpkin is a big part of dessert. Do you know where your pumpkin comes from?

Bon appetit

Friday, November 13, 2009

Veterans Day Ride

Change just for the sake of change isn't always a good thing. Take my blog as an example. Last weekend being bored I changed the format and went from something I was comfortable with to this new style. I like the look of the new style, but it isn't as user friendly as the old style. Maybe I'm like my students and don't want to put in the effort to learn something new. Well, I'll give it a couple of posts to see how it shakes out before giving up and returning to the old me.

I've already posted the short video of Ann popping her highway cherry. This is just a bit more on the ride. Wednesday was a warm day for us desert dwellers, with an overcast morning of 61 degrees and raising to 89 in the middle of the day. I’m talking Chamber of Commerce weather. The kind of weather that makes folks say, “I just gotta move there.”

This was the view behind me as we made our way out to Lake Pleasant Road. That is Ann directly behind me nearest the yellow line. The only problem with this formation is Big D would pull right up next to me at stop lights and when it turned green it was like a couple of school boys racing to be the first one out to the playground. The bad thing about that is that damn Marie is a lot faster than Petunia and I was beginning to get a case of acceleration envy.

These shots are out on New River Road and give a great idea of just how perfect the weather was on this Veterans Day. After eating lunch at Rocks Springs Cafe it was decided that we would take the long way home. A girl just needs to log miles and a guy is happy to go along with that plan.

We made a stop out at Lake Pleasant just to take in the view. I haven't been out to this lake in years even though it is the closest to my house. The other lakes are farther, but the roads in to them are a lot more fun to ride on with all of those twisties.

The only think about it minute on the ride was coming back into town on Grand Avenue. We were closing on the first traffic signal in the last 50 miles and of course it turned red. Big D and I were close, but the other bikes wouldn't make it, so we braked to a stop. Everyone stopped as you would expect and when we stopped right after that to get a drink Ann said,"Hey Paul, I saw you watching that mirror back there. Worried about a Harley enema?" Wasn't worried about her stopping though, she has proven her ability to handle that Annabelle, but on any quick stop that enema thought does cross my mind be it a Harley or a Buick.

Hey Ann, ever ridden to Bartlet Lake? Lots of great bends in that road.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Motorcycle Sex Tape

Disclaimer:This should have posted yesterday, but my Blogger account is screwed up and I couldn't get the videos to load off of my camera. I can't post pictures and finally this morning got only this one short video onto my computer.

Veterans Day found me riding with Ann, Big D, and and four of their friends. The conversation went like this. Ice was saying, "Take the back way over by Lake Pleasant. There are some twisties and we can stop at the Roadrunner Cafe for breakfast."

"I thought you had to run the Interstate to get to Roadrunner," Ann replied.

"No," I offered, "you take 83rd Avenue over to Lake Pleasant Road out to Carefree Highway and catch New River Road. If you want to ride a little farther about 12 miles up I17 are two great places for breakfast."

Kickstand chimed in, "But, that is on the freeway and Ann isn't ready yet."

Now those of you who know Ann know that them just had to be fighting words. Not ready yet! "Hey," Ann shot back, "it isn't that far and I have to ride it sometime. We're going to Rock Springs!"

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen this is a tape of Ann busting her highway cherry in the first week of riding Annabelle.

This gal has got some kind of spunk and when arriving at Rock Springs admitted to being a tad apprehensive when getting on the freeway, but quickly added, "It wasn't that hard." Then there was that ear to ear grin with all those pearly whites exposed to entice the bugs to plop in and there is no question that Boston Ann was born to be A RIDER not just go along for the ride.

Thanks Ann and Big D for letting me participate in this deflowering event today. I'm pretty sure the newest member of the Road Whore Club was born on that ride today. I see many multiple mile experiences in Ann's future.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Look

OK, I was bored this morning and started playing with the blog while waiting to go for a ride. Just wanted to change it up a bit. So, what do you think? Is it easy to read or was the old format better?

Weigh in please. Thanks.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Treats Not Tricks

Halloween is a fun time that is made even more so when there are precious little ones that enjoy the festivities.

Cinderella was having a ball. Her costume included glass slippers that lighted when she walked.

And what would Cinderella be without a House Mouse? The girls Nona made this special 1st Halloween costume.