Thursday, November 12, 2009

Motorcycle Sex Tape

Disclaimer:This should have posted yesterday, but my Blogger account is screwed up and I couldn't get the videos to load off of my camera. I can't post pictures and finally this morning got only this one short video onto my computer.

Veterans Day found me riding with Ann, Big D, and and four of their friends. The conversation went like this. Ice was saying, "Take the back way over by Lake Pleasant. There are some twisties and we can stop at the Roadrunner Cafe for breakfast."

"I thought you had to run the Interstate to get to Roadrunner," Ann replied.

"No," I offered, "you take 83rd Avenue over to Lake Pleasant Road out to Carefree Highway and catch New River Road. If you want to ride a little farther about 12 miles up I17 are two great places for breakfast."

Kickstand chimed in, "But, that is on the freeway and Ann isn't ready yet."

Now those of you who know Ann know that them just had to be fighting words. Not ready yet! "Hey," Ann shot back, "it isn't that far and I have to ride it sometime. We're going to Rock Springs!"

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen this is a tape of Ann busting her highway cherry in the first week of riding Annabelle.

This gal has got some kind of spunk and when arriving at Rock Springs admitted to being a tad apprehensive when getting on the freeway, but quickly added, "It wasn't that hard." Then there was that ear to ear grin with all those pearly whites exposed to entice the bugs to plop in and there is no question that Boston Ann was born to be A RIDER not just go along for the ride.

Thanks Ann and Big D for letting me participate in this deflowering event today. I'm pretty sure the newest member of the Road Whore Club was born on that ride today. I see many multiple mile experiences in Ann's future.


  1. Great post, and awesome video! I have some pics to put up tonight, too.

    Thanks for coming with us! We had a great time!

  2. The “Road Whore MC”. Love it! Wadda got ta do to join up?

  3. Ann, the video was too short.

    Willy D, you're a certified member already

  4. I flippin' freaked. That's awesome. Wez' gonna have to get out there so we can get in on that bike orgy.

  5. GOOSEBUMPS!!!!!!!!!! :)
    WOOHOO YES!!!!

  6. sounds like all the fun without all the fuss. Kind of like some of my riding buds.(the road floozies) "theres a first time for everything".

  7. Thanks for sharing the video, made me smile!

  8. She looks quite comfortable, big smile, hair dancing in the wind!

    Congrats Ann!