Saturday, December 5, 2009

Life Lessons From Mom and A Fellow Blogger

Rick Slark over at Keep the Rubber Side Down wrote a post about blogging about rides we have been on. I don’t care if ya’ll don’t want to read about my rides, that is what freedom is about. But, while some might want to tag along during these cold, damp, snowy, winter days, Rick got me thinking that some might stay away because motorcycle rides might be a bore on a motorcycle blog. In an effort to connect with everyone I offer this life lesson that has absolutely nothing to do with motorcycles or riding.

I was reading the paper this morning and came across this article out of York, Pennsylvania. It seems that someone climbed a 400 foot radio tower to hang a bedsheet from the antenna. Not having any suspects to this serious crime Springettsbury Township Police Lt. Scott Laird announced the perpetrator should seek medical attention right away. He explained that the tower releases high doses of radiofrequency energy that could affect said perpetrator’s health, including tissue damage especially to the eyes and testicles.

Now after reading the above article a time or two I’m sure some of you are wondering how in the hell is this a life lesson. Be patient, I’m getting to it.

The calendar is rapidly ripping off pages to the tenth anniversary of my mother’s passing. It struck me a few days ago that, at the time, it was 28 days away. That realization made me sad, but also gave me the opportunity to again remember some of the things You Momma did that left a lasting impression on me and reading this article made me laugh and reminded me of something she used to tell me.

Mom used to say, “If you don’t quit playing with that little thing, you’ll go blind.” Well, she was my mom, so that explains knowing about the little thing part. But, how did she know I was playing with it? I guess I’ll just never understand a woman’s intuition. The life lessons here are don’t climb radio towers and in the 21st century the police are now using age old mother’s wisdom as a crime fighting tool. I will bet not one single biker reading this would volunteer to go blind and at least half of us would run to the doctor if we thought our nuts were going to fall off.  Life lessons indeed!

So, Rick, thanks for setting me straight about what to blog about. I seriously am thankful.

And Mom I just wanted to let you know, I now wear trifocals.


  1. AZHD...please keep writing the ride reports. I enjoy makes me smile when others tell their tales of the rode. Don't listen to Slark...he's just grumpy and bitter for some reason. I think it's because he has severe Harley Envy. :)

  2. I love your blog, from the ride reports, to the updates on the grandbabies, to the's all great, and it's all keep it up!

  3. Hmmm...I'm a big mental masturbator and I never thought of that. How the hell did momma know...maybe just just knew men.

    As far as what to blog about? Well...just what you are blogging about. I like to read about rides. If people think it's boring then they can kiss my ass. Wow...AZHD...I have been thinking about this and now I have to also post on this subject...

  4. Don’t change a thing. If you do, you’ll have to get a BMW ;(
    The eye quack told me 5-6 years ago I should get trifocals. I figured that it doesn’t matter anymore. Been using this lap-top to long. The waves from the modem probably already done killed everything.

  5. Mr. AHD: hahahhaha... trifocals.... hahahaha... everyone in the place looked at me as I read that and LOL. And if you ever heard my laugh you would know why they looked at me.

    Write whatever is on your mind. As others have said it's your blog so do with it as you see fit. Personally I like reading ride reports. I even enjoyed Ricks post about his Saddle Sore ride even though in his own words "look its another asshole on a BMW."


  6. Hey it's your house do what ever you want..I enjoy the ride stuff..damn you might be a biker if!!!

  7. I think you have a great blog! I love the ride reports, and all the other updates and stories you post! Tell Slark his BMW is out of tune. ;)

  8. ummm, well, im not blind and i dont have testies so........ LOL!!!!!!!!! azhd, write about whatever you damn well feel like, i enjoy everything here :)

  9. How hairy are your palms?

    I like ride reports worthy of posting. If its the same thing repeated over and over, then not so much. As far as what's worth posting, only you can decide that. And if someone doesn't want to read it, So be it. They don't have to.

  10. I like reading about rides others have been, it not only makes great reading but gives people ideas on other areas and places to visit.

    Your mother probably got tired of peeling your socks apart. lol
    I often wondered how my mother knew things then we discovered that the heat vents in the house were just like an intercom system which moms room was almost right above my brothers room and mine.

  11. My comment is an echo. Got to write it, though. What you write depends on your objective. Are you only after a lot of readers? Or are you part of a social group that bonds by sharing of themselves?