Sunday, December 6, 2009

Not To Worry.....A Ride Report

I rode to breakfast yesterday in 39 degree cold air. It felt like my ears were going to fall off. I warmed up with a cup of coffee, or six, ate, and rode home. Had to stop for gas and shivered most of the day while watching some football. Just gotta love winter.

The forecast is for rain in Phoenix Monday and Tuesday, while staying cold. I find myself wondering if I'm crazy enough to ride to school if it is raining and cold. I'm not sure yet, but I just laid out the Froggs Toggs. I wasn't a Boy Scout, but if they are laying there it might influence the decision.

To those who commented on yesterday's post don't worry I won't quit posting ride reports. While it is true that all the other stuff that is reported in blogs is entertaining, rides is why I look forward to everyone's posts. Kudos to Fasthair.......he got the intent of the post. Now Fasthair if you would just take a video of your laugh and post it we could all see why all those folks were looking at you.


  1. We rode to Mesa/Apache Junction in 39 degree weather yesterday morning. I kept thinking "Are we still in Arizona?" WTF?! I'm moving to Jamaica.

  2. im with you ann, lets go!! geez, still not 40 here today and theyre talking snow for me tonight. we havent had snow here since 1976. bob's giving me sad eyes :(

  3. It’s nice to know that you froze your arse off. But I was kind of looking forward to a post about weather your boots are pull-on or lace-up, boxers or briefs, Wilma or Betty ;)

  4. Mr AHD: 39 would be a heat wave here right now. I just looked out the window and the snow they've been talking about is starting to fall. They say we could up to a foot of the white crap.

    So tomorrow morning when you are trying to choose bike or car just remember us little people who don't get that option.

    Bummed in Iowa,

  5. 39 degrees just dont seem to say "Arizona" to me for some's also the reason I have a really good snow mobile suit. Hope it levels out for ya soon.

  6. Even though you were frozen, I know you had a frozen smile on your face. How can you not after you ride?

  7. What the hell is all that right above this post about???

    "scratching me little ole head"

  8. WooleyBugger, that would be spam that I wasn't aware of. Thanks for the question so I could remove it.

  9. 39 degrees in Phoenix is like 12 below everywhere else. I know, I had my blood thinned out years ago in Tucson.

  10. It is the seventh day of snow here in London in the UK. For us this is very rare with very low temperatures, ice, running of of salt / grit for the roads.

    I haven't seen a motorcycle on the roads for days.

    Roll on spring!