Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Did You Hear That Noise Mr. President?

It was the American people standing up to the change we don't believe in. This, sir, is change YOU HAD BETTER LISTEN TO. The good people of Massachusetts have spoken for most of America and regardless of your attempts to spin the result; it is a reflection on you, your policies, and the village people you surround yourself with.

I want to send out a heartfelt THANK YOU to every citizen of Massachusetts that took the time to vote and especially to the ones who stood up to history, political pressure, and voted for facts and not rhetoric and elected Scott Brown.

November is just around the corner and this is just the beginning. Lets hope there are more truck driving Americans that want to restore America to what our Founding Fathers envisioned when this great country was founded.

Tonight, for the first time in fourteen months, I’m proud to be an American. Thank you Massachusetts for restoring my faith in America.


  1. Your welcome. The bluest state in the country has finally come to it's senses! The next to go will be Mr Barney Frank quickly followed by our senator from PA Mr John Kerry. This is where it all began in the 1700's, and this is where it is beginning again. The USA is going back to the people starting today!

  2. You're welcome Paul...you bet your sweet bippy that I voted...and for Scott Brown! I wrote a piece on this on my blog too. I just had to. I must admit, I'm still amazed the Massachusetts voters did this. It's indeed the 21st century version of "The Massachusetts Miracle."

  3. WillyD and I did our little diddy in Monterey over the weekend at a 'tea party'.

    Sometimes I have a hard time deciding on just how far this country should go to help 'the people'. I see alot of money being shanked from my grasp...I don't mind giving the money if it is being spent wisely with the good of the people in mind...but it appears that just isn't the case.

    Balance is the key...if you don't keep it then shit just gets lopp-sided.

  4. Amazing... All of those people going through 12 years of public school liberal indoctrination, some of those getting 4 more years of the same in college. Add to that every left wing media quack pumping out propaganda urging us to succumb to His Holy Highness BHO. And in the end, there were still enough informed voters out there to let Massachusetts join Virginia and New Jersey in an ever expanding chorus of "... and we're not going to take it anymore." Job well done, folks. You should be extremely proud.

  5. I’m sure he heard the noise. Now lets see if it fell on deft ears. If it did, we just need to make a much louder noise in November.

  6. It's kinda like the little Who's that finally got their voices heard by someone other than Horton.
    Now let's keep the ball rolling and let the jackasses know... we are here!!

  7. You are so right! There was much jubilation here in Texas. I sure hope and pray that this is the beginning of many Congressional changes.

    P.S. Are you in the flood area or snow area? Hope all is well.