Friday, January 15, 2010

You Want My Advise?

Another long week, ending with a meeting about budget cuts and how it affects my employment next year.  Can't wait to get outta there for a three day weekend.  Just reach the parking lot and press the alarm on Petunia when a fellow teacher calls out, "Hey Paul can I ask you a question?"

What the Hell, it won't kill me to be nice once in a while.  So, he starts in, " My uncle collects old Triumphs and he is coming down with a couple.  He wants to sell me one of them and I was wondering what you think about me starting to ride?"

My brain begins to churn.....nice young man, married for just over a year and a half, step-father to one, father to a very young baby, riding in the streets of Phoenix, West Valley traffic to be specific where the red of a stop sign is like waving a red towel in front of a bull, and he asks what I think.

"DON'T DO IT," I told him without even a second thought, "nope don't even think about it without contacting MSF and taking a rider training course."  I sometimes surprise myself when I think that quickly.

We discussed it for a few minutes, I gave him what information I had off the top of my head, and he said, "That is what I had been thinking, but wanted your opinion.  Thanks."

With words like that I'm really glad that I steered him in the right direction and I hope he buys that Triumph and rides many miles with the grin I'm sure he will have.  I'll talk to him more on Tuesday to be sure he takes a rider training course.  It is a jungle out there on the streets and I would feel really bad if something happened to him and I had told him he didn't need the training.  Yep, sometimes it pays to be nice.


  1. Good advice, his family will thank you for making sure he gets started right.....

  2. I encourage everyone I talk to about riding... to take the training course first. It's the best way to start out so you learn things the right way. You also learn real quick if it's what you really want to do without spending a lot of money first.

    Your an educator... that doesn't turn off just cause your in the parking lot. Great advice!

  3. I agree. Good solid advice. The world aint the same as it was when I started riding. Now everyone needs all the extra help they can get. Especially in a city setting. Hope this guy listens and also hope he enjoys the "turnips" they are a sweet ride.

  4. Well you gave the kid some good advise. But why do you think he asked you? Was it because you ride? Or was it because you’re the “old” guy? :)

  5. BTW – Did you get anywhere on the two pigs?

  6. You're advice was considerate and educated! Any new rider should take a safety course. I hope to be able to ride my Dyna to school in a few months. I am envious of that!

  7. I mean 'your' advice......
    she states with a bright red face!