Saturday, February 13, 2010

Luck Isn't In My Favor

I have been enjoying riding Petunia with the new setup and things were going well. I have been dialing her in and everything was looking good and then Tuesday when I started her up I noticed an intermittent clicking sound coming from the valve train. I didn’t ride her Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday because of a cold, but took her to the indy shop that put the S&S cams in. He said it sounded like the lifters, but without taking them out he wouldn’t know for sure. I asked if they had been replaced last May when the cam was installed and he said no because they were OK at that time. Now he can’t get to it until the 23rd of February and I can’t ride her because I don’t want to blow the motor if it is the lifter and it comes apart.

Maybe it is time to get a backup bike and put in my garage. Maybe a rice burner, I hear thes bikes are nice;


  1. You do have adjustable pushrods or lifters don’t you? If not, I would have serious issues with anyone that would change cams and not use adjustable rods. Grab a wrench and pull the lifters out. Should take about ten minutes. Unless you don’t have adjustable rods or lifters. If that’s the case, you need to have a pow-wow with whoever did the cams.

  2. Willy D; He did put in adjustable rods. Does that eliminate the need to pull the valve covers off? If I decide to do it, what brand of lifter do you recommend to use?

  3. Absolutely! The whole point of adjustable rods is that you don’t have to remove the rocker covers. And don’t assume that you need new lifters. If one of the adj. nuts backed off, even a few thousandths, you know what you’ll get? That’s right, tick tick tick. Checking the adjustment is very simple. Pop the tube cover open, close one valve at a time, (turn rear tire in 5th or 6th gear), and check for play between rod and lifter. There’s about a million web sites that can walk you through it or call anytime. E-mail or ask Ann for the number.

    Remember that old proverb? ‘He who saveth money on useless parts, haveth more money for road trips’.

  4. Sorry to hear about the gal bing sick. You got my vote on having a back up ride. I have two and they are a blast to do whatever kind of riding on.
    I like some of the Ricers...the older big bores are nice and most simple to work on.
    Hope it works out quick for ya. I'm still down with snow and stuff.

  5. I think everyone should have a back up bike! Hope your problem is fixed soon!

  6. Hear the voice calling softly to you.

    "Paul. You need an FJR"

    26,600 miles between valve adjustments. Enticing, no?

    Seriously, hope it works out to be simple as Willy D describes.