Monday, February 1, 2010

Preliminary Report

I think Dave just might be on to something when he wrote, …..this is why I insist on keeping my bike as stock as possible. I don't need high performance or tweaking or anything like that. I just want it to run. I was well past that point of stock and like his friend with the softail I have spent a ton of money to get nothing more than an ill running, obnoxiously loud, piece of crap. The stock exhaust is long gone and to replace it was more than I was willing, or maybe I’m just stubborn, to spend. So, last Thursday I put on a set of Bub 7 2 into 1 exhaust and a ThunderMax ECM with auto tune.

I really liked the Bub 7s on the first start. They have a nice tone and don’t blast my ears at highway speeds. The installation was very simple, fit and finish are perfect, and I can’t see the single exhaust outlet from my favorite perch on top of Petunia.

The ThunderMax was even simpler to install than the exhaust. Truly a plug and play system with plug it in, connect to the computer, start the bike and let it warm up, go for a ride. Couldn’t be any simpler……..right? Well it does come with a 195 page installation manual. I only got to page 96 before I went out riding. Freeway, blasting away, in and out of traffic, accelerating, slowing down, accelerating, Petunia running like a newly fed pig, and then FLASH….missed the speed camera loops when I swung out to make a pass. I looked down and the speed-o-meter said 72. Got home and looked at the manual and seems the module was set with the wrong code for my bike. Might have been closer to 92 than 72, but without all that noise it didn’t seem that fast. I’ll know in a couple of weeks when I get the Love note in the mail.

Anyway, after 400 miles and a couple of easy adjustments this is the report from the ThunderMax.

I'll do some more riding and give a more detailed report with video of the sound and looks on the latest 'new' modifications to Petunia.  Just for the record, counting the original stock set, this is the fourth exhaust system and fifth set of mufflers.  It will also be the last.  At least that is my opinion this morning.


  1. Nothing like getting a love note from ADOT! LOL!

    Glad she's running better. It's time to go for a ride, no? :)

  2. Hope you had on your photo takin clothes and biggest smile on? Glad to hear your back running along.
    We are still stuck under about 5 inches of snow and one is getting any riding done around here. (ahhhhh Arkansas.)

  3. its funny, on some bikes tweaks and changes are continual, and on other bikes no or few changes are all that are needed. sorry about the potential love note azhd. enjoy the new setup!!

  4. Sounds good. Ya got to have them as you like them. Good!

  5. I just said that because I don't have the money to do all the cool shit I want!

    I hate those damned speed What ever happened to the whole "pursuit of happiness"...speeding gives me much happiness and these jackholes are screwing that up for me.

    Hope this does the trick. See yah soon.

  6. Sounds like the 88 lives again.

    92 mph indeed. Did the fact that you were passing Porsches and Corvettes give you a hint that you ‘might’ get noticed by big brother?

    I want to know more about the ThunderMax. Don’t know anyone with one, just heard good things about it.

  7. Ann, Yes, it is time for a ride.

    John, Sorry about the snow, I'll quit whinning about the rain.

    Ms M, My tweeks and changes need to come to an end. Yea, right.

    Webster, Good so far, adjustinf the AFR up next.

    Dave, You know the old saying, A fool and his money are soon parted. It was invented for Harleys.

    Willy D, As I am making adjustments and learning everything it will do I will post updates. On the ride Sunday it ran great and accelerated from 70 to 85 in sixth gear without any problem at all.

  8. Willy D, yes on my laptop. It is really easy and the only trouble is knowing when to quit playing with it. I AM talking about the mapping features.

  9. I WANT ONE! I’ve been doing all the systems on Caterpillars with a laptop for years. The only thing I hate about my ’07 is that I can’t make any adjustments. The cost of the ThunderMax is probably less than one trip to the dealership when the ECM goes tits up, and it will someday.

  10. Hope you are done buying exhaust systems for awhile anyway.

    Did you say A-hole or ADOT?

  11. 92? You don't sound too chagrined. In fact, sounds like bragging to me!

  12. Mr. M: In AZ, A-hole and ADOT are pretty much interchangeable. All the A-holes pretty much work at ADOT. :)

  13. Mr. M, I hope I am done with buying everything except for tires, gas, and oil changes. A-hole or ADOT..please refer to Ann's response.

    Irondad, rereading it does sound like boasting, but if the love letter shows up I will truly be sorry. It also really didn't seem to be going that fast.

    Ann, thanks for answering Mr. M's question.

  14. I'm glad your having fun getting Petunia tuned in. I have no knowledge of how to do any of this, but I just wanted to stop by and let you know I'm still hangin' around.

    Have fun... maybe ADOT had their eyes closed.