Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's OK to Be Angry Now

Two weeks ago tomorrow there was a terrible accident in the Phoenix area where four Brother and Sister bikers were killed. Five others were injured, the most serious still in the hospital. I knew and have ridden with three of the victims of this accident.

I have visited the site of the crash three times. The first time was just to try and understand how it could have happened. On a perfect, sunny day, at about 1 in the afternoon, to get hit from behind. A terrible accident. I have defended the truck driver and asked folks to hold judgments, while waiting for the facts.

Judgments can now be made. The truck driver who ran down these Brothers and Sisters had drugs in his system at the time of the crash and Phoenix police arrested him on Tuesday.  Toxicology results showed that illegal drugs, believed to be methamphetamines, were present in his system at the time of the collision.  He was booked for 4 counts of manslaughter and several other charges.

So, it wasn't just a terrible accident after all.  It was much worse than that and I'm sure the victims' families wake up this morning feeling like they have just been hit again.

It is now OK to be angry with that moron who killed 4 innocent wife, husbands, mother, fathers, daughter, sons, sister, brothers, aunt, uncles, friends.   


  1. I too was trying to withhold any judgement, but now I'm just pissed!

  2. That just makes a dreadful situation a whole lot worse. I feel for the family and friends that now are aware that it was avoidable. I hope he gets what he deserves.

  3. Hope he does Gary. God be with all those in this.

  4. I already passed judgement because I had inside information from the beginning.

    I mourn the loss. I'll ride some miles in their honor.

  5. I generally don't have a lot of sympathy for people who do something stupid when driving (and plowing into the backs of motorcyclists stopped at a light certainly qualifies) so I was ready to burn the driver already.

    But now this? Hope it's a lot of years before he sees daylight.

  6. We lost five riders in our area this past weekend. bright sunny days. all were experienced riders.
    Some how even being angry doesnt seem to help. As for the drugged up driver...lets hope they actually throw the book at him. The Police here are waiting on tox reports on the drivers here to see what happened. As I understand it one came around a curve all 4 wheels in the wrong lane and head on'd them. I'm praying God is with everyone. here and there.

  7. I'm angry, and have been since Big D broke the news on his blog. I didn't think it could be so innocent as he presented it, in that the driver dropped some papers and looked away just for a second...

    I wanted to believe that; I really did.

    I have to be honest and say I figured impairment of some kind would end up being a factor. Last year, a dear friend of Road Captain's was hit and killed on her Deluxe by a white trash piece of shit woman who was all whacked out on booze and drugs. Even worse, the lady biker was run down right in front of her husband, son and close friends.

    We need to get back to an eye for an eye, and it needs to be both Draconian and public. Set the stocks back up in the town squares. Let punishments fit the crimes, and let them be so horrible that folks don't dare cross the line. Maybe when we start pre-empting Dancing With the Stars with a few live executions, with the dying screams in glorious surround sound, people will start to smarten up.

    They say when it's your time, it's your time, and I believe that. What I don't believe in is a society where people know that even the worst offenses will get them punishments that don't even come close to atonement for what they did. As long as we are content to let that be, all of us will be at the mercy of those among us who just don't give a shit.

  8. The community I live in has lost 4 riders so far this season as well -all of them as a result of complete undeniable culpability of the driver of the automobile – all of them as a result of a left hand turn in front of a motorcycle that had the right of way.

    The local government's answer to this horrific phenomenon is to try to tighten laws around motorcycle riders...they are calling for more training, mandatory gear including full faced DOT helmets and stricter licensing regulations

    What? I ask you, does that have to do with people in vehicles in their own little worlds killing motorcyclists? What?

    Recently the province I live in legislated a hands free cell phone law....a la Oprah….and all it's done is create a community of people driving cars that are looking down into their laps as opposed to having their hands on the wheels while they text…And again….legislation is a good idea?...let's make more laws for the already over taxed police forces to uphold?

    I recently had an instance where a guy in a pick-up truck ran a red light and almost hit me…I followed him a block to the next intersection where he pulled into a gas station…I followed and got off my trike to talk to him….he glances as me – looks at my trike and says “wow – that’s neat…I’ve never seen anything like that thing!” I responded with “never seen it? I was fricken near your new hood ornament a block ago and she’s over 12 feet long!” (insert several expletives along the way)

    I’m getting to the stage where I’m thinking more and more of the old days of riding – with whips and chains to get driver’s attention – I have fantasies about riding with a sawed off shot gun in strapped to my trike…

    I know it’s not the answer…but it’s a good fantasy.

    Sorry for your loss...I'm sure I'm not out of line when I say that the whole world wide riding community is sorry for your loss.

  9. I just don’t get it. I know shit happens, but I wish it would happen to those that ‘deserve’ it. The innocent have suffered far to much.

  10. another one here on the news just last night. deceased young 35 yo father of 1 in san pablo. he had just left church study group. left hander literally plowed over him.

    the guy fled the scene to be picked up later, saying he ran because he was drinking. he was driving on a suspended and is/was on probation for a prior dui. go f'ing figure. tragic.

  11. Goddammit, this is getting depressing.

  12. This guy is a total fucking slime bucket! Hope he gets life and everything else jail has to offer his ugly ass! And NO, I am NOT being judgmental damnit!

  13. What has become almost as fustrating as losing a friend is finding out how pathetic our court system is. Our friend was killed by the whacked out women Joker spoke of last April and her lawyers are still able to manipulate the court system to delay the trial. Criminals in this country have more rights than victims.

  14. Soory you lost friends. I'm mad but not sure what to add here. Family and friends should be in court every day of the trial and be allowed to have the jury hear their voices. Other wise some slicklawyer will get him off with a palm slap and twenty five dollar fine and time served kind of horse crap. With family and friends in court the Judge and jury can't help but be reminded of the carnage this truck driver has caused.

  15. P.S
    I encourage all readers and riders here to read up on HB-965 (Right-of-way bill) failure to yield we had passed here in NorthCarolina in 2004. Then pass it on to your state reps and push hard. Then make copies and hand out to fellow riders and get a word buzz going on.

  16. Wooley,
    I looked up the law and while handing out a $500 fine isn't much, the 90 day license suspension might be an attention getter. I'll be contacting my local law making idiots to see about getting it done here. Thanks for the information.

  17. Arizona Harley Dude,
    Your welcom.
    Here in NC we tried for more and went for $1000 fine for 6 months suspension for death. You see here in our state at that time vehicular manslaughter was being plea bargained down on a regular basis in the courts to the lessor charge of failure to yield right of way which was only a $25 fine. That was equal to the fine for seatbelt violation. The violation for not wearing a helmet was a $75 fine. So a motorcyclist would pay a more hefty fine than someone who ran you down.
    It was clear to us that A $25 plea bargained fine was all our state valued on the lives of motorcyclist and pedestrians killed here. Abate in your state should have something in the way of getting the ball rolling in other states, contact them and see.