Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Anniversary Day

Here it is June 8th already and I haven’t even attempted to write about the Parker trip. Worse than that, I haven’t ridden much since then either. Well, that isn’t entirely true because my commute has grown from 6 miles a day to 44. I have to be the only idiot that celebrates getting to extend the commute to work multiplying five fold. Well, that is what riding will do for you. Since the start of my move I have happily been enjoying the extended time to ride sometimes on the freeway and sometimes on surface streets, it doesn’t really make any difference.

But, then I remembered today is my 2 year anniversary of leaving to Alaska in the summer of 2008. 729 days since Get Away Day. There have been many changes over the last two years. A long term relationship has ended, a new love has evolved, a marriage is in the planning stages and as normal, if anything is normal, a new ride is just days away.

Maybe I'm in a reflective mood today for many reasons. Whatever the reason on the ride to work today I got to thinking. I have Petunia's ThunderMax adjusted to get 39 MPG. But, on the way to summer school I got to thinking my thinking was flawed. You see, I had the air fuel ratio set leanest at the lowest RPM. My thought today was, isn't it really supposed to be leanest at higher RPM when the air is moving across the cylinder heads to keep it cool and MPG would be at optimal range?

Well, I got home, readjusted everything, and had to go test it out in 105 degree temperatures. I had just over a quarter tank of gas and decided to go the 45 miles to Black Canyon City to get gas. I rode it like I stole it and on every heavy acceleration the gas gauge went to the E range, but upon reaching cruising range it came back up. Once in Black Canyon City I gassed up at Shell and then stopped by Rocks Springs for a cool off. Then it was the same 45 miles home at 80+ and the gas gauge hasn’t moved.

There is plenty of power, the oil temperature gauge never got above 200 degrees, and I’m smart enough to realize that I need to ride the next few days to see what was really accomplished. I am hoping to not stop at a gas station for at least 450 miles on the summer trip. Wait, I know that isn’t realistic on five gallons of gas, but I will be carrying an extra five gallons and plan on using that as a water stop on the way. Along that line of thought, except on special days, it means stopping for gas only twice. The second time is when I’m stopping for the night.

Ahhhh, planning is always the way to prevent problems and I don’t need any problems this summer. Funny thing is my feeble brain is now planning on somewhat stupid ways to check this all out. Well, some might call them stupid, but I do need to leave the women folk to plan a wedding. Yep, that same event that isn’t happening for just over a year. Funny how women folk want to plan a year in advance when there is a great ride that is just twenty days away that needs attention. That is the difference between men and women. I'm not really making a judgement here, because if God created anything better than women he kept it for himself.


  1. A year!? Your only giving them a year to plan a whole wedding? LOL

    Keep tweaking and I bet the milage will only get better. Besides, just look at all the fun your having.
    Oh yeah, just to clarify. Her name is Marti and she is one of them you always see...ya know the ones that sizzle.
    Sounds like your having all the luck. Longer ride. Tinkering and tweaking and a hitchin in the offing. You da man! ;)


  2. Only a whole year huh? Little did you know that those plans were in the works long before that...mwhahahahahah!

    I was getting worried there for a minute when you said you wanted to run 450 without a watering hole. I thought you finally had cracked under the pressure and testing of the evil spawns that you have been in charge of the whole school year.

    I was thinking about you yesterday...(yes, you had all your clothes on dude!) because school is out here today and I was thinking how cool it would be to take the summer off and road trip.

    Then I was thinking about how it must feel to know you have a few months to just do whatever the hell you wanted and get paid for it. Then I thought, "AZHD has that life!" I gotta' get your job.

    If anyone hasn't said it yet, well...thanks for being a part of the future.

  3. fabulous azhd!! the life, the new commute, the love, the changes in just 2 yrs, the pending roadtrip-and wedding, the mpg... its all just fabulous. im so happy for you im smiling :-D

  4. You’re just going to keep messing with that Thunder Max till you break it. I’d do the same thing. The best way to test it all? Road Trip!

  5. You can plan a wedding for years and years, and shit will still go wrong, but at the end of the day if you get to marry the love of your life.....well, that's all that matters! (Can you tell I'm dealing with wedding shit?) :)

  6. John, I'm still adjusting and might have gone to far. A ride should tell.

    Dave, life is pretty sweet right now. Future? I've seen it and we could be in trouble.

    Ms M, thanks and I'm also smiling.

    Willy D, a road trip sounds like a great idea.

    BB, don't let it get to you girl. But, somehow I think I know what next year at this time will look and feel like.