Tuesday, June 29, 2010

AWWWW Shit Moment

Here I sit in a nice campground in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and my wireless is working and I am just about ready to post. I've had a great barbeque dinner that I unhooked the pig pen to go get and as I start to log on I look over at Petunia. This is what I see:

After only 1,300 miles of a 6500+ mile trip I saw cords showing on my rear tire.  Now what?  I'm 60 miles from Fayetteville and that seems my best bet for a new tire.  I'll have to leave the trailer here at the campground and make a run there and pray the tire holds out.  I guess it could be worse it could have blown out.

Day 1 was a touch over 800 miles from Peoria to Shamrock, Texas. Because it was Interstate 40 riding, the most interesting part was the marble size hail that hit me for about 10 minutes. I gotta say that hurt like Hell, but there was no place to hide. The entire day was overcast and nothing was special until I noticed the mile markers. I started timing them and found for every ten miles I traveled Petunia's odometer only registered 9 miles. I triple checked and found after 20 miles of mile markers she went 18 miles and after 30 miles of mile markers she only went 27 miles. That might have something to do with Willy D and Dave going 80 mph compared to Petunia registering 70 when I went to Salinas. SO, at the next gas stop I took off the side cover and went to adjusting the Dakota Speed Sensor Override to make it all time right. After 45 miles of playing with it I think it is finally set where it was supposed to be when the 6 speed was installed 8,000 miles ago. No wonder my fuel mileage sucked.

This is just before the hail and when the sprinkles started.

Day 2 started cool and clammy. The humidity was up, but that allowed the riding to feel comfortable. Whenever I stopped I realized just how warm it really was. I knew I wanted to travel up to Northern Arkansas to take some of the back roads in the Osarks. At the Visitor Center a lady suggested using Route 71 with scenic overlooks or Arkansas 23 with twists and turns. Turns out Arkansas 23 is really the Pig Trail Scenic Byway.  I am happy that I chose this option as it is 132 miles of 571 curves.  I have only covered the first 100 miles of the route, But after getting a new tire I will be checking out more of it as I roll toward Harrison, Arkansas.

These are poor quality shots of the Pig Trail, but the scenery was spectacular.

Well it is time to look for the shower and think about calling Linda before turning in.  I'm guessing I won't be able to get a tire until 9:00 or after, but I will be there when they open.  The adventure has just begun!!


  1. Sucks that you have to replace the tire, but...

    Count yourself blessed beyond measure that you saw it. If you hadn't noticed it, you might have been happily on your way running 80mph and had a blow out. I don't even want to think about that scenario.

    Stay Safe and enjoy yourself!


  2. Which campground are you at in Eureka?

  3. I'm at Kettle, but will limp over to the Harley dealer in Rogers about 7 Wednesday morning.

  4. Glad you noticed the tire, Paul.
    Enjoy those curves! :)

  5. great stuff!! this is what these trips are all about :) surprise tires, hail, green scenery, mpg tweaking, and nice curves. ahhhhh.... hope you have no further mechanical surprises azhd. enjoy!