Monday, June 21, 2010

Going For A Cup of Coffee

Coffee. Some have to have it to get going in the morning. Me? I just drink it because after 40+ years it is what I do when I get up. Plus it is also a good excuse to go for a ride. Such was the case last Friday when at 2:30 AM I headed out to get a cup. The cup above is what it looked like to me because I didn’t get that first hot, robust, full flavor sip until somewhere around 5:00 PM, some 695 miles later. Yep, I am just crazy enough to ride almost 700 miles for a cup of coffee and smiled every inch of the last 682 of them. As I was leaving I could feel the stress of the past school year evaporate, my mental state improved by about 1,000 percent and my attention turned to just enjoying the ride.

As I was standing there, enjoying that first cup of the day things became more focused. Ahhhh, Salinas, California at Rollicks Speciality Coffee and Internet. Salinas, California is the home of Road Grits CafĂ©, BB’s Road Trip, and DR. WRENCH. Dave, BB, and Willy D graciously encouraged me to come on up when I suggested, or told them I was on the way, that I might be in the area. Since Linda was hosting a girls night party for her daughter, sister, sister-in-law, and friends I jumped on the chance to get in a little pre-ride before the actual summer trip.

The ride up was just superslab get you there stuff. The kind that is conducive to setting the cruise about 80 and watch the scenery click by until the next gas stop. The exception was the LA morning commute traffic that I found myself in about 7:00. I don’t think I would be able to handle that on a daily basis. I know I needed my head on a swivel because they seem to think they can just push you over if they want your spot on the road. But even that couldn’t dampen the feelings that the ride was producing.

Dave and Willy D were going to meet me in Paso Robles to escort me the final 98 miles to Salinas. The plan was I would be there about noon. But, when I woke up Thursday at 2:30 ready to leave I knew I wouldn’t be waiting till 4 Friday morning to depart. So, at Lost Hills I stopped to say I was early and would be there at 11. Alright, so I beat them there. It was not a big deal and I didn’t mind standing up far a bit anyway. They arrived and options were given. Ride the 101 or the 1. Dave cautioned the 1 was longer and slower and because of the golf tournament traffic might be a problem at the end. The discussion really wasn’t a discussion and we were headed to the 1.

We hung out at the Coffee House until BB arrived and went to enjoy a great meal at the restaurant where BB is a manager. The food was great and they brew their own beer. As it had been a long day by then and we still had to ride to their house I limited myself to one. That was a hard decision because the beer was ice cold and very good. 

After dinner we left for Dave and BB’s place and about 11:30 I was ready for slumber time. It took about 45 seconds to fall asleep. Funny thing was I fell asleep with that jingle from Gilligan’s Island in my head. be continued


  1. Arizona Harley NanaJune 21, 2010 at 2:29 PM

    Thanks to Dave, Willy D., Willy D's wife and BB for being such great hosts/hostesses to him and keeping him out of trouble :-) We will return the favor anytime!!

  2. 700 miles is not too far. After all we ARE taking about coffee.
    Looks like you had a good cup and a load of fringe benifits too. Love the photos.


  3. Great pics! I'd love seeing the ocean like that when riding. I'd go 700 miles for coffee... especially when it's with cool friends and on the back of the Glide... what better way to get it!

    Thanks for sharing your coffee break with us... looking forward to part 2.

  4. Good ride, good coffee and good friends. Life doesn't get much better!!!!

  5. Nana: Anytime? OK. We’ll be there on the July 4th weekend. Just leave the key under the mat and the coffee pot on ;)

  6. Harley Nana: We tried to keep him out of trouble as much as possible! :)
    Have a great time on your trip!

  7. Arizona Harley NanaJune 22, 2010 at 11:30 AM

    willy d - if you are brave enough to come to Phoenix in July, the key is under the matt. However, I believe that you Salinas people will melt like an ice cube!

  8. You are a good dude AZHD. The pleasure was all ours.

    Anytime you need a place to crash, or need a place to escape to, know where to go.

    Good men are hard to find. Glad we found you.

  9. beautiful pics! hmmm... coffee... im thirsty... :)

  10. Highway 1 along the central coast is always worth doing. I like the part where it gets into the Los Padres National Forest, lots of turns.