Friday, June 25, 2010

Saturday In Salinas

Saturday morning in Salinas started about 7:45 with overcast skies and cool temperatures. Dave, BB, and I headed over to Rollicks for a cup of the good stuff and then across the street for a really good breakfast.

Quite differently than in the Phoenix area, in Old Town Salinas people really come down and spend time there. Besides Dave’s shop there are restaurants, shops, a new movie theater, and a parking lot that had a bike gathering on Friday evening and a Farmers’ Market on Saturday. Friday when we got there the street parking was all full, but since Rollicks is near the end of the block parking was as easy as making a U turn.

After breakfast we wondered back for more of the Hawaiian roast coffee that was the flavor being brewed Saturday morning. Hanging out at the shop seemed more like sitting around the kitchen table at my Granny’s house than being at a commercial establishment. Everyone, it seemed, knows Dave and BB and stopped for a chat, those driving down the street stopped for a quick word before going on their way, and it really was a great environment. We were just hanging out when the rumble of a couple of Harleys were heard rolling down the street. Willy D had ridden out and escorted the lovely Ms M to town. Ms M rode down from the Bay area for a visit and I was honored to be able to meet her in person.

Josiah asking BB about Bob, Willy D talking to Ms M, Dave and a friend talking.

About 10:00 or so we headed over to Willy D’s for the garage party. Ms M is preparing to attend the 2010 edition of the Sturgis rally and needed to make a few modifications to Bob.

Willy D was just the man to help in that department.

Dave and BB changing a rattling shift linkage

As is the case with most jobs on a bike something always seems to not go as planned. In this case it can be attributed to a mechanic who stripped a bolt and just left it instead of fixing it the right way. Then when the dealer returned Ms M’s parts they somehow forgot to include the heel toe shifter levers. Undaunted, Willy D went to the drawer and pulled out a set. I’m pretty sure Ms M was planning to have a stern talk to that Dealer when she got back home.

When the wrenching was done we went for a quick ride to pick up some things for a barbeque and headed to Dave and BB’s. Dave was the grill master, BB was at work, Willy D, his bride Carol, Ms M, and I watched. It seemed like I watched a lot today and didn’t do much constructive, but it was a great day. After dinner Ms M had to head the hour and a half back home, Willy D and Carol escorted her to the 101, and the rest of us just shot the bull until pumpkin thirty and I had to turn in.

Sunday morning was an escorted ride down to Paso Robles where we went our respective ways.  It was a great weekend of riding, visiting, and meeting new friends.  700 miles for a cup of coffee might seem extreme for some, but that coffee came with a lot more than cream and sugar.  Thank you all again for making my trip one that I will remember.   


  1. big hugs and thank you! that day brought (well still brings) me big smiles! it was a pleasure! and hey, you helped put some miles on my new boots :-D

    ps, new time cinco will be older and i'll be able to stay longer.

  2. oops, typo, i meant "next time..." guess i need more coffee :)

  3. Sorry about the punks, but I had a great time regardless. You have a free pass for my place anytime.

    You are a good brother. Not many of those around anymore.

  4. Thanks for stopping by. It was our pleasure.

    Love the shot of B.B. and Dave working on the bike together. I can almost picture them when they’re old and gray doing the same thing on the family trike.

  5. So cool that you are all able to get together, hang out, and ride!