Thursday, July 8, 2010

Afternoon of Rest

We have arrived in Seekonk, Massachusetts, the laundry (my, [because Linda doesn’t do laundry on vacation. I think she is smarter than I am, but I pack lighter]) is in the dryer, our plan for Boston tomorrow is in place, The Boneyard has $1.00 ribs tonight that we are thinking about sampling, and we are resting. That was after the trip to get here that included a trip to the Nashoba Valley Winery and Providence, Rhode Island.

The Nashoba Valley Winery was a new experience for me. Yes, I have visited several wineries in Napa Valley, California, southern Arizona, New York, and now in Bolton, Massachusetts. This is the first one that I have seen that bottles wine, beer, brandy, champagne, distillates, vodka, and cognac. If you can drink it, this place makes it. We did a sampling of five different wines, beers and choose two to take with us for the weekend. In my limited knowledge of wines, I find a wide range of flavors from each region of the country. It is either fortunate or unfortunate, depending on your outlook, that the wineries we have visited on this trip don’t ship to Arizona because there have been some really good wines that we have tasted.

Linda is holding up rather well considering the humidity. The number of miles we have ridden isn’t staggering, but considering that the majority has been back road, two lane, 50 mph, slow going, time consuming miles it is beginning to take a toll. She hasn’t complained except to say she doesn’t know if she can stand up and even my butt is starting to give out about 3:30 every afternoon.

Tomorrow will consist of a short ride into and out of Boston and a few miles of walking and sight seeing. The humidity will dictate how much walking we can do and may try to ride Petunia between the things we want to see. There will be lunch on the pier at the No Name Restaurant on the agenda and everything else will be by the seat of the pants.

That is the news from the East Coast as I see it and now I need to see if the cloths are dry so we can go eat. More to come later


  1. $1.00 ribs...sounds like my kind of place. Really sounds like your having all the fun the law allows in that part of the country? Linda sounds like a real "trooper". They be hard to come by...hold her tight.
    Raining here and the weather man pointed out that there was 100 percent humidity. (like no one knew) you guys be carefull and dont eat too many ribs...LOL

  2. Linda is definitely a trooper!

    You guys are in my old stomping grounds. :(

    If you get a chance while you're in Boston, go on the Duck Tour. Ride around the city and then hit the bay. It's really a great time. :)

    Glad you're having a good time, and glad you're safe. Hope you get to see Joker.

  3. First you go 700 miles for a cup of coffee. Now you’ve gone 3000 miles to do your laundry. Something about that doesn’t sound right. Wish I was there. I've got some dirty clothes ;)

  4. Well, Linda shouldn't do laundry on vacation....that's what vacation is for. :)
    I'm glad you're having a good time, have a great weekend in Boston! Funny, the Boneyard sounds very familiar.

  5. coffee, laundry, ribs...geez... ;) what i really want to know is; you two arent writing this nekkid are you?! :)

  6. I am not surprised about the need to do laundry in that heat. Sitting there in traffic not moving much is not pleasant. It is odd reading about you being in the same places I was at just a few days earlier, but I am enjoying reading it....!