Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Checking In

Is it Wednesday morning already? We left Canada Monday morning about 9 AM and except for a total of 9 miles we have only been on back roads with a top speed of 55 mph. We are in Rumford, Maine this morning and will be traveling to Belfast, Maine to a local lobster shop to have fresh off the boat lobster.

Can you say HOT? They are in record breaking heat out here and yesterday it was 96 with 70% humidity. Truthfully as long as we were moving it wasn’t that bad, but being stopped just for gas or to take pictures we really felt it.

Linda is enjoying her first extended road trip…I told her it WAS enjoyment…and she doesn’t complain. However, it is a lot more comfortable in a motel with air conditioning than in a tent. We agreed it would be nearly impossible to sleep in these conditions in the tent.

I'll get to more later, right now I need to go get coffee to entice Linda to wake up, so we can get on the road for the day.


  1. How jealous am I that you're getting fresh Maine lobster today?! Glad you're enjoying the trip.

    96 with 70% humidity is nothing. I can remember days when it was 99 with 99% humidity. :)

  2. gary (USA tour) has also remarked on the heat, he's just leaving RI i believe. stay cool and enjoy another day on the road.

  3. I was in Belfast a few days ago! It was hot and the lobsters are fantastic! Enjoy that A/C for it is wonderful after the heat of the day. I agree with you, keep moving and it is ok, but stop, especially in traffic with the heat of the engine between your legs and your bits soon begins to wilt in the heat! mq01 is right - I am south of you now, in Rhode Island today, but this evening in CT.

  4. Going for more coffee? Just how far will you go for coffee?

  5. Might I suggest ICED coffee


  6. and good thing you guys figured out that "your" version of "getting on the road early" isn't exactly what my "mom's" version of "getting on the road early" is!:-) That could be a marriage breaker there! LOL!! And tell mom to just "buck it up" cause it's a fabulous get-away that I am extremely jealous about! Next time, you and I can take a "vacation"! I would be more than happy to rise at 4am to go riding! Hell-it's better than rising at 6am and having to deal w/the 3 kids :-)

  7. Arizona Harley NanaJuly 9, 2010 at 4:32 AM

    Ginny - my drling nap at a drop of a hat daughter - take kids out of the equation and the only time you have seen 4 a.m. is when you were staggering in, I mean rolling in - after a night of partying. Love you, miss you and the grandkids, but we are having a great time.