Saturday, July 3, 2010

Greetings from Canada

Our Saturday started with a ride back toward Erie, Pennsylvania to take Highway 20 back toward Buffalo and Niagara Falls. The reason for this ride was to take in some of the wineries that dot the area and to find some local libations to have while in Canada. We were told we could tank three bottles in without paying customs and we found two we liked.  As I am writing this post we are enjoying a very nice red named Rufus Red.  This wine is named after the great, great, great, great, great grandfather of the young man who was helping us with the tasting.Rufus planted the original grapes for this winery.  Rufus planted the original grapes for this winery 150 years ago and some are said to still be growing.  This wine is a semi-sweet wine and reminds Linda and I both of cranberries. It would be easy to forget it is wine and consume to much of it…..hey is it all gone already?

At the border we were asked if we possessed any alcohol and I declared the two bottles because we had just seen them search two different vehicles in our lane. The Border Guard asked a few more questions and then said, “Enjoy your weekend in Canada,” and we were off.

We went to check into our hotel and everything was almost set except they were just finishing a remodel and needed about half an hour to finish up. Since we needed to get something to eat and drink that wasn’t much of a problem. When we got back the room was ready and we were told there were special instructions to get to the room. We had to ride the lobby elevator to the 29th floor, get out and go a special elevator, use a hey to access the 30th floor to reach our room. When we got to the new elevator we were greeted with this sign:

Yep, we were in the Penthouse. Not just that, but the center room overlooking the Canadian Falls.  When we opened the door this is the view were greeted with:

The view from the doorway.

The Canadian Falls.

The parking lot below our room and Northern end of the Falls area.

We are doing all of the big four tourist attractions Sunday. Maid of the Mist boat ride right up to the falls, White Water Walk a close look at the rapids, Journey Behind the Falls which is below and behind the heart of Niagara, and Niagara’s Fury, which is a 4 D movie describing the Creation of the Falls. It should be a day to remember.


  1. It looks great -I will be there in a couple of weeks time and I hope I get a room with that sort of view!

  2. I was almost waiting for you to say that something went wrong with your room (or you were arrested at the border for having alcohol)...and now I sit here teary eyed and so elated that you guys get to enjoy this experience together...see - good things do come to those who wait...and who teach :-)

  3. OMG! amazing view! :) have a fabulous time you too!!!

  4. You sound like you're having a great time and are happy. Good for you! Raise a glass for me.

  5. Wow, awesome view. Glad you're enjoying the trip!

  6. What an awesome view. I have never been there but will make it part of my next trip to the U.S. Canada border.

    I did not know there were vineyards in the area, but it must be nice to stop by on your road trip.

    Are you going to New England. It is beautiful in the Summer and early Fall.

  7. Penthouse? Next you’ll say that you’re staying at the Playboy Mansion. You guys must be famous. I’m jealous!

  8. Great view! Holy shit!

    I think Maid of the Mist was my favorite. :)

  9. I've always wanted to see the Niagra Falls. I hope I will one of these days. Your view is awesome!