Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life Is A Bitch Sometimes

Go figure something is wrong with the computer and it wont turn on. So, I can't respond to comments or Facebook.

I'm sitting in Clinton, Oklahoma after riding a taste over 1,000 miles. That leaves 800 or so for tomorrow and I plan on "Getting Her Done" as the old saying goes.

Dinner with Dianna and Harley was great and I owe them big time. You guys need to come out to the Phoenix area, even if you have to fly, and maybe we can convince the Cali folks to join the party, as well as Ann and Big D. I'll be in touch with an idea in a few days after I get home and reat up for a day or two. And how smart am I to not have photographic proof of our meeting? I had the camera in the room for heavens sake. Anyway, we tore up the town of Motgomery in the alloted time on a Monday evening. It was a pleasure to meet such fine folks and I need to thank you both again for dinner. The next meeting will have to include a ride to make it official.

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  1. Careful Dude... your nose is growing. LOL! Guess what? I had my camera too! Doh! Oh well... we'll keep 'em guessing if we really did get together... or not!

    Yes to the ride! I definitely want to make it official. I have my reputation to uphold, after all. ;] LOL!

    I was just glad we were able to get together for the amount of time we did. I will look at your posts in a new light, now that I've been able to actually meet you. Take it easy the rest of the way home, and tell Linda... next time for sure!!

  2. Probably caught a RTD from your ThunderMax ;)

  3. darn rtd's... enjoy your 800 miles today azhd! hey did i hear roadtrip?!? oooooh ahhhhh. maybe in the fall? mmmmm roadtrip... :)

  4. Better something wrong with the computer rather than the bike.
    I'm so glad you were able to get together with Dianna and Harley! Jealous!