Thursday, July 15, 2010

Safely At Home

I safely arrived at home at 5:15 Wednesday evening. After a shower, we went to dinner and I got a call with family issues that I never dreamed would happen. It has dampened the ride a bit, but hopefully it will work itself out in time.

I went today to get my computer fixed and it was as simple as taking out the battery, unplugging the power cord, and holding the power button for ten seconds. I had tried most of that, except for the holding the power button part, and it still didn’t work. At least it wasn’t an expensive lesson and all my ride pictures aren’t lost.

So, today I have done very little and I am still worn out. I guess I am getting old because the 1800+ miles I put on in the last two days seems to have kicked my arse. Hopefully after a good nights sleep I be ready to recap the ride, change the oil, and start planning the next adventure. Now I think I need to start thinking about fixing dinner and having Linda a nice glass of wine when she gets home from work.


  1. Glad you made it home and that the computer was an fix. Sorry to hear about the family stuff. Hope it all works itself out!

  2. Glad you got home okay. I'm sure the ol' bones are talking to ya a little bit, but they'll be alright... now that you've quit rattling them. LOL!

    Your map sure look colorful! I think your the first person I've personally met that's ACTUALLY ridden in this many places in our country. I just think that's awesome.

    Looking forward to your pics, I know there's going to be some good'uns! Take care Dude.

  3. i hope all is well with the family issues azhd. rest and relax. im looking forward to reading the recap.

  4. I'm happy you made it home safe. I'm hoping the other issues will work out soon for you.

  5. Good deal getting home OK and your computer, lets see some pics!

    Redleg's Rides