Friday, February 25, 2011

Change....She Is A Coming

Do you see what I see?
Do you not see what I don't see?


  1. I see that your ‘ball’ is missing. But marriage may have something to do with that.

  2. trailering has moved to the big/new toys :) maybe petunia can rest some now... ;)

  3. Willy D is right on the first guess...the hitch is gone and so is the pig pen.

    Webster is even more observent than I am because I didn't realize that I took the bag off.

    Ms M....Petunia hasn't even been in the toy hauler yet. Getting her there might be interesting.

  4. Well...I was gonna say the hitch, but then I saw WillyD already so I'll go with "The damned valve stem is clocked differently than the last time I saw it!"...I suppose you moved that ball thinger to the front of Petunia?

    Alright...just put the blinder on the fairing..she won't fight