Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Weekend

I would like to stop on this Memorial Weekend and take the opportunity to offer thanks to all of the brave men and woman who gave their life defending the United States of America.  To all of the survivors of these Hero's, I send my thanks and prayers to you as well. 

Let all of us take a moment, as we enjoy the long weekend, to remember the true meaning of this important holiday.


  1. Very touching. Beautiful. Hope we all remember and give thanks on Monday.

  2. Yes, Thank you all. May God be with you.

  3. Hearing the bagpipes always brings me back to Dad's funeral. He may not have died in battle, but he was a vet, and he was my hero.

    I will be remembering all our fallen heroes on Monday, Paul. Thanks for posting this.

    (my word verification: shit!)

  4. As a Veteran I’d like to thank you for posting this. Actually I think I’ll pop over this weekend and thank you in person.

  5. thank you azhd. and yes thank you to all that have served! have a beer for me this weekend!...

  6. Like Ann... this brings back memories of my Dad's funeral as well. It chokes me up every time I hear them.

    The whole reason I went into the Navy all those years ago was because of my dad.

    Let us always honor and remember our Veterans... they sacrifice so much for our country and their family.

  7. This brings a tear to my eyes, tough to listen to but it means so much.
    It really bothers me my company does not honor this day.

  8. I know I'm late on this, but I appreciate what the men and women do for us. I don't often agree with the policies put in place, but these folks go in and do what they have to do. It's a level of commitment beyond what I have.

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