Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fleecing of the Sheeple II

The big push I have been hearing and reading is don't retire and collect Social Security until you are 70 and you will make an additional 45% a month. Looking at their figures of estimated payments bear that statement out. On paper. However, what does that mean in the real world?

Waiting until age 70
    1466                                                                            2650
    x  96  (months age 62-70)                                        -1,184  Difference a month         
140,736/2650 = 53.11 months to recoup already collected benefits

     1466                                             2650
x 149.11 (96+53.11)                      x  53.11
218,595.26                                  140,741.50   
At age 74.4 (62+12.4) a net gain of 77,853.76

At age 74.4………77,853.76/1,184 = 65.8 months/12 = 5.48 years to break even.

62 + 8(to age 70) + 4.4 (years to recoup collected) 5.48(to break even) = 79.8 years old = 17.8 years of retirement already enjoyed.

Again, lets make it simple.
These would be the total numbers at age 79.8 if starting at 62

        1466                                                         2650    
   x  213.6  (months age 62-79.8)                 x 117.6 (months age 70-79.8)
  313,137.76                                                311,640    
Total payments at age 79.8 = +1497.76 if started at age 62

I know, I know people will say what if you live to 90? You will lose money! You will ultimately be in the hole. I've thought about that and have some figures for you. Again, these are based on my personal age and the following chart comes directly from the Social Security office for my birth date:

Notice Social Security claims the older I get the longer I will live. How much of that is to convince people not to retire and enjoy the golden years? But, because I’m not easily convinced I looked further. This site:, says in Arizona the average Life expectancy is 77.4 total and 74.4 if a male. Ladies reading this need to know they are safe for an additional three years on average.

Using Social Security's longevity numbers, and live only to their numbers,  if I start at age 62 I would collect $362,395, at 66 $440,448, and at 70 $469,080. Makes it look like I am getting ready to make a huge mistake.

But from the other site, using a Life Expectancy average of 74 it would be $211,104 from 62, $190,464 from 66, and $127,200 from 70. Damn, maybe, just maybe, I'm not so dumb after all.

Besides those are the numbers. Pure and simple. Or is it? How is it possible that everything I have found and read on the Web and Government sites stop at this point and leave you with this thought....Here it is, make your decision, and hope, or pray, you are right. Why do I get the nagging feeling they are all leaving something out? They are all experts. They are looking out for our best interests. There can't be anything that all of them are missing, or leaving out, because they ARE the experts. But still.....I have the thought, the gut instinct, that I am becoming a Sheeple and am drinking from the trough of ignorance.


  1. I'm just hoping that this is still there when I end up retiring. I keep having this horrible dream that I'm greating people at Wal-Mart at the age of 70 just to pay for my huge medication bill. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  2. Well said. I've never believed that waiting to collect SS was beneficial (life UN-expectancy reasons). I also feel that you better be gettin it while the gettin is good...

  3. Take the money and run. Don’t think for one minute that the ‘experts’ are looking out for you or have any damn idea what they’re talking about. It’s better to get Social Security than a Social Disease.

  4. IHG; I also hope it is there for you, as you are about three years older than my daughters. Yep, I'm selfish.

    Rhonda; Thanks for adding your comment. However, when I click on your link it appears to be spam. If I'm wrong please set me straight.

    Willie D; Trust me when I say I don't trust anybody with my money. There will be more.

  5. Inquiring minds wonder if you don't need it why steal it from someone who does?

  6. 'anonymous' sounds like one of those shitferbrains protesting downtown. Get a job, hammerhead.

    SS is a scam. Our government has been spending the money we pay in for decades. There isn't enough being paid in to cover what's owed to people who will be retiring over the next decade. The SS fund is broke. After The Reckoning, we'll all end up roaming the countryside on motorcycles, fighting to the death over the last few gallons of gas. It'll be a hoot.