Monday, October 31, 2011


Anonymous comments on my posts fall on deaf ears.  Or at least they should. 

Who the Hell do you think you are?  Not only do you not know me, you are an Idiot!

"If you don't need Social Security why steal it from those who do."

Hey, Ass Wipe, just for Shits and Giggles I will respond.

I am a Baby Boomer born  in 1953 to a Navy veteran of WWII.  My father spent his tour of duty, defending your right to be the Village Idiot, in the bowels of an aircraft carrier as a fireman.  Sorry, Moron, he didn't put out fires, he stoked them.  Shoveling coal into the firebox to power the ship to the hot spots of the day.

My first job, paying into Social Security, was in 1965.  Do the math.  I'll wait while you get the calculator.

That's right. 12 years old.  Pop took me to work to get me out of Mom's hair.  What could a 12 year old do?  He had me digging ditches with a pick and shovel.  In those  days plumbers had to dig ditches to install the pipes that took the likes of you to the wastewater treatment plant.  Pop called it Learning a Work Ethic.  Instead of being like you I learned what a days work entailed.  Not only learned, but thrived and enjoyed the challenge of outworking the next four people who showed up.  Never dug a ditch?  Never swung a pick?  That's a pity.

That experience led to becoming an apprentice plumber at age 18.  Opening my own plumbing business, out of my own pocket, at 28 during a recession and employing 6 people.  During that time I payed both half's of my own Social Security taxes and the business half for six other people.  I am an expert on paying Social Security taxes based on my experience.

At 40 I went to college for the first time and received my teaching degree.  Been doing that for fifteen years now and am looking to be done in 2015 at 62 and collecting Social Security  regardless of if I need it or not.

You see Idiot, I will have payed into the system, at that time, for 50 years.  Never once have I questioned why they held the money from me, or why I had to pay for myself and employees, I followed the program.  All that time and I have heard and seen Morons like you milk the system and question how those who payed in should get anything back. 

Now, when I am getting close to collecting my Government is, also, suggesting I am somehow anti-American for wanting to start collecting "early".  They have given so much to so many who haven't earned it they expect those who have payed to continue to pay.  If I have payed into the system for 50 years why should I work an additional 8 years to fund Idiots like you? Whether I 'need' it or not isn't at issue.  Only a total Moron would believe that I am getting ready to "Steal" anything from someone who needs it.  The program was put in place to supplement retirement because the general public couldn't be trusted to take care of themselves.  You, Dumb Shit, are living proof that FDR was right about trusting people.

My only apology and regret is I don't know who you are, so I can personally kick your ass.


  1. Damn Dude, you sound like…!

    As for Mr. Anonym-ass, the POS is probably 25, on SSI with a medical pot card for all the stress in his sorry taxpayer supported life. If you find him I’m up for the ride.

  2. Heh...I'll sign up for the ass kickin' posse. I dunno AZHD...Iv'e seen you annoyed...not really sure if I want to see you really pissed off.

    "We all get the same reward in the not!!!"

  3. This is one of the best posts I've read in a long time. Although I do question your sanity. You went from plumbing to being a teacher? What are you some sort of masochist or something?

  4. My feelings exactly AHD. You shouldn't receive "entitlements" if you haven't paid in and earned them. I will proudly be collecting my SS in five years at 62 even if I don't need it to get by. I started paying in when I was 14. (Hopefully it will be there!) If not, I will continue collecting my pension from the 31 years I worked in construction.

  5. Don't poke the bear! Grrrr!

    All kidding aside, I'm right there with you and the rest of the posse! How dare they keep their hands out? I think,we the people (who have also paid into the system all their working lives) should start knocking the free entitlements right out of those outstretched hands.

    Thanks for saying what a lot of us feel. Enough is enough already!

  6. I like it when people say what they really think, with passion and energy. Good for you! Having paid so much into the system for so long, you deserve everything you can get back. I too suspect anon is a young pup, inexperienced in the ways of the world and probably milking the system for everything he or she can get.

  7. I know what to do with those who keep sticking their hands out, lop those suckers off.

  8. Work ethic? What's that? Seems like too many people want something for nothing! You earned your SS and then some, well put post.