Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where Does the Time Go?

Two weeks until Spring Break and the school year will be three-quarters over, already. Looked at the calendar and February 2012 will be a thing of the past this week. Checked in on the neglected blog and found I have been MIA since December.

I haven't been riding much since getting back from Hawaii last June. The rest of the summer was filled with work around the house and the new pool. I can never see paying someone to do something I can do myself and that includes manual labor in the heat of the summer.

So, in October, on Fall Break, I took a teacher friend of mine for a ride up Yarnell Hill to Prescott. It was a great day to ride. Stopped at a café on the way for breakfast, walked around Whiskey Row and looked in all the windows, walked around the town square and just enjoyed the day. Time to leave and found Petunia had an almost flat front tire. Found a place for air and they called to have some Fix-A-Flat delivered to help me limp to somewhere to get it fixed.

Stopped at the two places I knew about and neither had a tube to fit. Since it still appeared to be holding we continued to home. All seemed well and soon the ride was back to highway speed. About 15 miles from home I could detect a heavy feel when rounding a curve and slowed down, knowing that the tire was going down. Turning off the Carefree Highway was a challenge with the low tire and I slowed further. Long/short the final turn into the driveway was almost impossible and the tire was almost completely flat. It sat that way until December when I took it off to have it repaired.

Then the Friday prior to New Years I had to get out of the house and ride. North was the destination of choice. North, in December, in Arizona, is iffy at best. We had had some winter weather, but I was willing to chance it. I found I had an issue with cornering when I first left. I’m sure it was because of the flat the last time I rode, but was surprised how long it took me to overcome that feeling.

North found snow! About nine inches and a very cool twenty degrees. The roads were wet and in the shadows there were a few patches of ice. It did make for an exciting ride. Arriving at Long Valley Café the folks inside looked at me like I was crazy and maybe I was. Only when I got inside did I realize how cold I was. My concession was to sit by the heater and to retrace my ride back down the hill I came up on.

Not ready to head to the house I made my way over to Highway 89A and headed to Jerome and the long way home. The day turned out to be a great riding day and the leathers were put away long before the garage was in sight.

I have ridden to school nearly every day since. I just need to find the time to get back out on the road and get some miles in.


  1. Hey Dude welcome back. Winter's almost over eh? Sooner in AZ than CO I suspect.

    So you're a grizzled motorcycle vet- gimme some advice. I'm going on some roadtrips this summer and I want to be able to fix a flat on the side of the road and get going again, instead of hoping for cell service and calling for help. I have a tire repair kit (ream out the hole, put in a plug) but I need a good solution to reinflate. I see these CO2 inflators and there are mini foot pumps and all kinds of stuff available. What say you?

  2. No Name, a small 12 volt pump would be my choice. Running tubed tires is a PITA, but the spokes look cool on Petunia.

  3. yup, ive always been worried about this with bobs spokes... all my previous bikes had mags instead. azhd, in your opinion, should i carry fix a flat and a spare tube?

    im glad you've been getting out riding. even if its back and forth to school, at least you're out.

  4. Ms M: Fix-A-Flat isn't supposed to be used in a bike tire.....Buuttt? A spare tube on a trip wouldn't hurt and in this case it would have been a good choice. I think I might pick one up and throw it in the bag just because.

  5. Paul:

    I would suggest having TWO spare tubes. What happens if you happen to "Pinch" the first one . . . ?

    I also don't think it was a good idea to leave your tire flat for so many months, it probably flattened the tire and took a while for the circumference to go round again.

    I have Ride-on, installed IN my tires

    it self seals punctures but not sidewall damage

    I may be half way to AZ in late July, Perhaps you wish to come to Oregon with the rest of us ? You get the summer off ? right ?

    Riding the Wet Coast

  6. You had a great ride. Good. No winter riding north of Motown.