Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Gary France over at Flies in your Teeth posted this picture a week ago.

I just can't get that thought out of my mind.


  1. So true isn't it.

    And how many of us are drudging through work not doing what we want? Sigh.

  2. I must admit that the same image has been haunting me lately as well.

  3. The future is promised to no man.

  4. Paul:

    It's our reluctance to leave from familiarity and take the easy route by not doing anything. We are comfortable with the mundane tasks of existing, not necessarily LIVING life to the fullest.

    With a bit of planning, sacrifice and the guts to step out of your shell, dreams can come true

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. We get comfortable and with that, our thinking mindset changes... until someone posts a photo with a saying just like that. Then we have to get up and go out of the box and Weeeeeeeeeee Life again. Its good to re-evaluate a purpose and to get up and do something, no matter what it is.

  6. Trobairitz; I slowly raise my hand, looking around to see if anyone is watching.

    RichardM; Glad to see I'm not alone in my thinking.

    Barry; That is very true.

    Bob Scoot; Sacrifice is the key word. Not many willing to do that.

    KT Did; Re-evaluating is one of those things that can get a guy, or gal, in trouble. I've been in trouble a time or two.

  7. You are not alone in your thinking. In fact, I'm also wondering why I'm still working. Could retire as of two years ago...

  8. so azhd, tell us, what would you rather be doing?

  9. I first had that thought many years ago, when I was pondering whether I had the right job and if it was giving me what I wanted. I next had it in December 2009 and I then decided I would do something about the frustration I was feeling about not doing what I wanted. I absolutely acknowledge I was in the fortunate position that I was able to make a change in my life and retire early, but it was the best decision I ever made.

    There are many ways people can improve things for themselves, be that major life-changers or just deciding not to mow the lawn, but go do something more fun instead.

    The point of my picture was, I guess, to generate some thought. It seems I may have done that. Sorry you cannot get this out of your mind.

  10. RichardM; It isn't to late.

    Ms M; Pondering that right now, but the open road is calling loudly.

    Gary; Nothing to be sorry about. I, also, have had thoughts along this line before, but living life as it was defined for me really isn't LIVING life.

  11. hollister is following 4th of july weekend ;)