Monday, March 11, 2013

Summer Nears

Well, it certainly has been a while.  Been working on finding some sunshine in the cloudy days that have become my norm.  Spring is about to commence, 90 degree weather is predicted for Saturday, cold morning commutes are warming, Spring Break week is here, and summer looms. 

Summer.  The time when a man needs to begin to think about the necessity of some serious, long distance road therapy.  Something that has been absent, and missed, for a couple of years now.  Where, when, for how long, and routes are beginning to invade that empty space between my ears.  I’ve got a vague idea and got the maps out, but as I look across the room they are collecting dust, laying, waiting for that former desire to take hold and kick this fogginess in the ass.

In days past, I would already have a destination, the route, and a complete time line mapped out.  Weekly, I would be pouring through the book of maps searching for interesting highways to travel.  Reviewing on to find tempting roads that would call to me and allow Petunia to carry me to the scenery that I need to fulfill something inside of me.  Remembering a site like for a few oddities that may or may not be worth the time and effort to find.

If I’m going to sit on my ass this summer, it needs to be looking over the windscreen on Petunia. This recliner and TV are getting old and making me old also.  Summer is coming boys and girls…..where will you be riding? 


  1. I rode to Tempe last Thursday for business and came back to SoCal on Sunday. I got the rain on Friday and a little more on Saturday. But I got the chance to try out my new thermal top and Frog Tog pants.

  2. Hey Arizona, good to hear from you again. The grumpy bear crawls out his den again, eh? Ha ha! I'm like you, planning a nice long ride thru NM and AZ in the coming months. Want to see White Sands, Meteor Crater, old RT 66, and South Rim of Grand Canyon. Right now my bike is with the motor builders, being upgraded from 96ci to 103ci. Can't wait to get it back! Ride easy.

  3. Steve; I saw your post late about being here, or I would have ridden over. Froggs Toggs work well. At least until you hug a hot exhaust to try to stay warm.

    Barry; I'll keep watching for details on the motor upgrade. Maybe if the planets align just right our paths will cross this summer.

  4. Paul:

    I will be passing by, but too far north to divert on this trip. Next year I should be down in your area

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. It will be interesting to see where Petunia takes you this summer. How far and what kind of weird roadside wonders will you find.....

    Hubby and I were just thinking we needed to start thinking of some 3 day trips for this summer so when the occasion arrises we just need to pick one and the planning is already done. So far we haven't done any planning at all.