Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cool Place to Park a Motorcycle?

Gary France, over at Flies in Your Teeth, has a picture contest for a cool place to park your bike.

My submission should count for a downright cold place to take a picture. This is from a Spring Break ride in 2008. It is on Highway 36, leaving Red Bluff, California, crossing over the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, heading over to Del Rio, California, to get to Highway 1.

The woman working the desk at the motel I stayed at suggested it would be perfect weather. She said she had been there just a couple of days earlier and there was very little snow.  It was about 25 degrees and the coldest I have ever been. Once going up the hill there was no turning around with the trailer on the ice covered road. Just another quality ride that I will remember for ever.


  1. I know a perfect place to park that bike....MY DRIVEWAY!! Come visit for a Spell.

  2. Definitely a "cool" place to park a bike!!

  3. Paul:

    One of these days I will get to ride Hwy 26, but no when there is that much snow on it.

    You must have been freezing

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. That does look cold. In fact it could be taken just outside my garage today. :(

  5. Nice parking job. I remember riding in snow and ice y e a r s ago. My old bones can't take much of that anymore.