Sunday, April 14, 2013

What Are You Willing To Do?

Spring time is for the renewal of Mother Earth and all of her creatures. A time for those creatures to awaken, leave the safety of their den, and start to live again. So, it shall be in AzHD land like the bear waking from a long winters nap....emerging from the shadows to stretch, begin to explore, to get out to start living, and riding again.

So, my first day out of hibernation was to meet up with Boston for breakfast. She and a couple of friends had been out enjoying Arizona Bike Week and seeing the Doobie Brothers.  Yea, I don't understand that either.

It has been a struggle in my world the last few months, but I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
Then today, like someone turned on a switch, it came to me. "What are you willing to do?"

"What the Hell am I willing to do?" 

It is now under serious consideration. Me and thinking is normally a dangerous situation.


  1. Emerging from hibernation and shaking off the fog - that is Spring in a nutshell.

    Although from the title of your blog post - all I have running through my head now is the ditty - "what would you do for a Klondike Bar?"

  2. ugh, trobairitz, azhd, dammit, lol! now im thinking the twisted sister song; what are you gonna do with your life. oy vay, lol.

    hmmm, so, what are you willing to do?

    ;) willing to ride for coffee at least?. . .