Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Short History Lesson

March 2013

Gary France posted this

I posted about it and tried to get the thought out of my head.

April 2013

This feeling was overwhelming me!

I tried to fight it!

May 2013

I Pulled the pin!!!!!!

Resignation was accepted.

On May 25, 2013
Arizona Harley Dude will be officially........


Not doing anything anymore that isn't fun.

Thank you Gary!!!!!!

Class dismissed.


  1. congrats! I've been on the road for more'n three years, though I'm not retired. Too many "take this job and shove it" sensations in my younger days that I failed to resist... But now I get to "work" at what would be an "avocation" if I didn't get compensated for it. ;)

    The only regret I have is that I didn't carve out this way of living,40 years ago.

    Only advise I can offer the newly Free is to avoid the "vacation" mentality that too many hang on "retirement". They seem to put their brains in neutral and somehow they just quit and seem lost to me. Even though a person might be "retired" their insides still need a purpose; even if that purpose is just to look and see and wonder.

    They ought to change the name "Retired" to "Freed" :)

    Now that you're TIME is YOURS... what'cha gonna do with it? :) This could be the Greatest Opportunity of Your life.

    A lifetime of experience + time + some level of economic freedom = ??? Suh-whEET! :)

  2. Thanks Brian. I like the term Freed! I fully expect there will be a level of learning on how to be "Freed" after working since 1965.

    Slept better and longer after giving notice for about a week, but now back to the usual 5-6 hours a night. Fixing that will be my first order of business. Second will start in Hollister beginning of July and maybe Sturgis come August.

    Quitting was easy, working on details for not working are about to wear me out. However it is a GREAT problem to have!


    you've worked long and hard enough azhd! time to be free... :) BIG HUGS!


  4. Hey Dude I've been 'funemployed' since the beginning of the year. Sure glad I saved $$$ for 12 yrs for just such an occasion. Gonna spend most of May on the road, then I suppose I gotta find a job. Wish I could 'pull the pin' like you but I'm not done stuffing the piggy-bank just yet. Good luck.

  5. MsM; Thank you......Hollister will be a great start to the next phase of life.

    BD; I look forward to following your trip. If the days fall right I might try for a meetup at that big hole in the ground we have in this desert state.

  6. Awesome - congrats on your retirement - only 3 weeks left for you to go.

    Oh how to decide what you shall do first......

  7. Paul:

    Congrats on being FREED ! You are so lucky. I started working in 1964 and part time before that and I am getting tired.

    I am going to miss Holister by one week. and I will be east of Sturgis a week after the party, so too late again.

    Enjoy your FREEDom. Get some maps and just throw a dart . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast

  8. Congrats! Where too first?

    (I'm jealous...)

  9. Wow! Congratulations! I loved the way you set us up here too LOL! Make it happen and I wish you the best of retirement!

  10. Trobairitz; Thanks! It is only 14 1/2 work days as I am playing hooky on Friday!!!

    Mr. Scoot; You never know where I will show up. A week here or there isn't a big thing. Thank you.

    Richard M; Hollister, California is the first rally I am headed to.

    KT; Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you in Hollister.

  11. Congratulations! Been "freed" myself for a while now and I have to tell you, IT IS THE LIFE! You'll probably find yourself busier than ever, only doing the stuff you really like to do. Enjoy!

  12. This is so freaking cool! Welcome to the best part of your life.

    Retiring early was the best thing I have ever done. You will still be very busy, but doing the things you want to do, rather than what other people want you to do. In fact, it isn’t really retirement, more like a change in life style. I wish you every happiness in your new-found freedom.

    I am pleased my picture seemed to help in the process.

  13. Congratulations Dude!!

    I can't wait to see what adventures you take us on. Retiring is such a wonderful goal. I'm just wishing I was a little closer to it than I am. :(

    I wonder how long it will take you to stop looking at clocks and calendars. lol!

    Ride, ride, ride!