Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thoughts Thunk

36 days into being retired and I have been busier that when I was employed. Admittedly, most of the busy has been self inflected. It seemed to me like I should; somehow, reward myself for all those years of hard work. So, I began to contemplate a new motorcycle. Looking, dreaming, wanting, and wishing.  Could I, should I, would I?
Yes, maybe, NO! Yes, I could because anything is possible if you want it bad enough. I should because I deserve to after having worked hard for these past forty-six years. NO, because there is just something inherently wrong with the thought of getting rid of Petunia! Actually, the plan was being hatched over the past three months when I realized I was serious about retiring.
But, if Petunia was to stay, she was going to need a little TLC. She was getting a touch long in the tooth and staying will require many miles of hills and dales and blue highways. I, in the past, would read the service manual when contemplating a change to Petunia and succumb to the dreaded…Obtain Special Harley tool (1234-432)….and off to an indy shop to pay to have her worked on. But, as I am now on a fixed income, I have to be very careful of where my money goes.

It has come to the time of life to realize it is only a 2 cylinder motor and that just means less parts. Even if the title does say Harley Davidson!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Guess Late is Better Than Never

Damn, life is sweeping past me at breakneck speed. Point to wit… was six weeks ago that I played hooky from school to partake in a day in the saddle of Petunia.  My almost forgotten love of the open road having been shelved while I struggled with my new lot in life.  But, as I read the blog posts of those still posting I discovered a couple that were about to embark on a journey of discovery and adventure that really appealed to me.

Sash and Highway, a couple of kindred spirits that were drawn together were setting off to become homeless, motorcycle vagabonds. A self imposed exile, if you will, into six months of exploration, search, growth, discovery, and whatever adventure lies in their path.  

That is when I received that fateful e-mail, “Hi, we are in Tucson and are going to ride Mount Lemmon. Want to go?” Well, Hell Yes! Call to sub finder, a trip to the copy machine, and I would meet them on Friday at the Tom Mix Memorial outside of Tucson.

Headed out about 6:30 in about perfect weather, just getting the ride rolling and easing to the HOV lane, and wouldn’t you know it an accident that brought it all to a screaming halt. After about 25 minutes of quickly going nowhere it opened up and I was making up for lost time. Out US 60 to Arizona 79 and the wind kicked up. Not bad at first, but kicked, and kicked, and kicked some more. When Florence arrived it was gusting around 40 MPH.  Out at the Mix Memorial it had settled into a gentle 30 MPH breeze. Sash and Highway arrived, we got acquainted, and it was off to Mount Lemon.

At the top we pulled into the parking lot for what most rides are really about….food!

The significance of the pickle on the plate was duly noted. I have to say, I will go back to ride this road again because the food was that good. Don’t get me wrong, the road is worth the trip by itself, but I would go back if it was just a straight line for the burger.

It was time to return to Tucson for an adult beverage and then I had to get back to Phoenix.  It was a pleasure to meet up with Sash and Highway, share in a small part of their adventure, and put personalities to their stories. They are now somewhere in Kansas or beyond settling into their great adventure.  Ride safely my friends and if near the Phoenix area let me know and I’ll put you up for a night or several.