Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thoughts Thunk

36 days into being retired and I have been busier that when I was employed. Admittedly, most of the busy has been self inflected. It seemed to me like I should; somehow, reward myself for all those years of hard work. So, I began to contemplate a new motorcycle. Looking, dreaming, wanting, and wishing.  Could I, should I, would I?
Yes, maybe, NO! Yes, I could because anything is possible if you want it bad enough. I should because I deserve to after having worked hard for these past forty-six years. NO, because there is just something inherently wrong with the thought of getting rid of Petunia! Actually, the plan was being hatched over the past three months when I realized I was serious about retiring.
But, if Petunia was to stay, she was going to need a little TLC. She was getting a touch long in the tooth and staying will require many miles of hills and dales and blue highways. I, in the past, would read the service manual when contemplating a change to Petunia and succumb to the dreaded…Obtain Special Harley tool (1234-432)….and off to an indy shop to pay to have her worked on. But, as I am now on a fixed income, I have to be very careful of where my money goes.

It has come to the time of life to realize it is only a 2 cylinder motor and that just means less parts. Even if the title does say Harley Davidson!


  1. With the gear-driven cams you don't have to worry about the cam-chain tensioners anymore. I'm not what other "permanent" fixes you've done on it, but considering the money you've sunk into Petunia, you could be looking at yet another bundle of after-purchase money to spend if you bought another bike.

  2. is petunia doing hollister?

  3. I think you'd miss Petunia too much if you let her go.

  4. 20,000+ for a new scooter? or... how far would THAT go toward keeping Petunia fit and heart throbbing? ;)

  5. Maybe she needs someone to ride her gently in her golden years, rather than hard and wet like a stallion. She's served her time. Just a thought from an old gal who would knows how much I appreciate a long, long rest. . .