Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So, You Think You're a Harley Mechanic

I made the decision to try my hand at being a Harley mechanic, all parts were ordered, and secured. Check, double check, and check again to be sure I didn't miss anything. I got a set of 96” jugs and a set of ported and polished heads.



This is what she looked like about 4 hours after a 150 mile quick jaunt just for a goodbye to the 88” basically stock motor. She did have S&S 510 gear drive cams already. 

Started putting her together in the cam chest…using a Feuling Cam Plate with a high flow oil pump. This swap was something I couldn't accomplish on my own because I wouldn't use a hammer on the cams. I contacted Ram Jet Racing, a shop that Caveman recommended. The guy said to bring it in and he would get to it later that day. Once I got there he asked if I had anything to do for a while. When I said no, but that I lived on the far West side  he said give him an hour. I went to have lunch and in about 40 minutes he called and said come get it. Service like that is hard to beat!  

Progress being made. 

Completion and connected to the Thunder Max loading a base map that was really close. 

With a couple of small issues, waiting on a couple of specialty tools that I just couldn't do without, the entire process from tear down to running was 12 days. Best past was when she started on the second turnover. Worst part was when a lifter went south in the first five miles. It was replaced with no hassle and only a day and a half wait for it to arrive. The girl is now the beast she is supposed to be. Now I find I have another problem though. Seems going fast isn't a problem, but she doesn't want to slow down at all. I think she wants/needs a set of Brembo brakes. Ahhhhhh, every project on a Harley is really just a starter project.