Monday, November 11, 2013

Harley's Biggest New News

Several Bloggers have posted about Harley coming out with two new smaller displacement bikes. I am surprised that nobody has mentioned the New 2014 Touring Limited. This marvel of Harley development is water cooled, or as Harley calls it Twin Cooled.

Last week I had a need to visit the local dealership and got a peek at this new machine. What a beautiful machine it is. From newly designed, lower profile, tour pack and saddle bags, redesigned fairing with an integral vent, to larger, white faced gauges it screamed, "Take me home!!!" I left thinking I really would like to make my next trip on one of these beauties.

The radiators are located in the lower fairings and seem to run through the frame. at just over a quart of water for the system I will wonder just effective it can really be.

Today in my mindlessness I began to think. $27,164 bike + $2,716 tax + $500 License + $680 dealer fees = $31,060. Petunia has a 5 gallon tank @ 3.03 per gallon = $15.15 per fill-up. $31,060 divided by $15.15 = 2050.17 tanks of fuel X 180 mile average between fuel stops = 369,029 miles I could ride for the same money.

I really wanted that new bike, but Petunia has a way of convincing me, again, that she is my Hog and she ain't going anywhere.  But, hey some of you might want to go have a peek-see at what a gorgeous bike this really is.


  1. That's a great way to look at it but it does look pretty nice. What part of the engine is water cooled? The heads? And why did they do it, more HP? (It adds a more complexity and maintenance which makes me wonder why).

  2. Richard; Yes, it cools the heads, specifically around the exhaust port. I believe it was done because of riders complaints about the heat coming off of the engine. There will be more maintenance issues for sure.

  3. me likey...
    but we can relate, bob is going nowhere. ;)

  4. I think people are surprised that Harley is coming out with the smaller displacement and that news is overshadowing their other news.

    We look at prices of bikes or cars and think the same thing. How many tanks of gas on the older one could we do....... as we get older we are more prudent with our dollars I think.

  5. that's good news,
    i like my harley :-)
    thanks for this news