Sunday, January 19, 2014


No, I'm not a pirate. For the first time ever that I have ordered motorcycle parts online I received the wrong parts.  Not just one, but three.  On the same day.   After an almost week weather delay caused by snow back east!  SEE finally a snow delay in sunny Surprise, Arizona!!!  That is just wrong.

Dexter the wonder dog doesn't seem bothered. 

At least the Progressive Monotube Cartridge Fork Kit was right and an east install.  Now there is only 5 ounces of oil in each leg to worry about and it is only there to lubricate the internal moving parts.  I also changed the fork lowers because the old ones were peeling and showing their age.

So, now I sit and wait for the redelivery of wrong parts and an inner fairing.  Funny thing is, if Petunia was ready to ride and I didn't it wouldn't bother me.  But, because I can't ride it is aggravating as Hell.


  1. I think I've been going through withdrawal as it's been almost two weeks since I've ridden last. My parts came in yesterday so hopefully I'll be on the road again by tomorrow!

    Your bike looks bare without the fairing.

  2. Doh! Three wrong parts. That sucks. Good thing Dexter is there to cheer you up.

  3. That's what a second bike was good for. Hope you're back on the road soon, Sash and I look forward to another AZ road trip.