Saturday, February 1, 2014

It Won't Be Easy

Picking up a nail and getting a flat is a pain!  Having the tire go flat in the garage is a bonus. Taking the tire off is less than a five minute job.  At least after the two hour delay looking for and purchasing the BFWs, big f'ning wrench, to get it off.

Since it was off I thought I would install the Brembo brakes I had already picked up.  Comparing the old to the new I find it isn't going to be an easy swap.  The axle hole is about 1/16" to small for the axle.

The existing caliper, silver is wider than the new, black.  I'll be looking for a machine shop to bore out the bracket.  Then I will mock it up on the bike to see what will be needed  to make everything lineup and work.

I have read many posts in my search to find how to swap to the rear Brembos on an earlier bike and many have claimed it is to much work for the results.  But, I'm hard headed and the fronts made an unbelievable difference. 


  1. Not a "bolt on" but should be pretty straightforward if you have access to a machine shop or a good machinist. Sounds like a fun project. But since it is the rear brake it won't have as big of an impact as the front but that's no reason not to do it.

  2. Richard M; if was a simple bolt on everyone would do it. In the forms many claim they won't change the rear to Brembo because of the fear of locking it up and high siding. I like the idea of having to ride by feel to prevent that, but having some extra stopping power when I really need it. So, if it takes a couple of extra days it is still worth it to me.

  3. I think in this situation it is good if you are a bit hard headed as you won't get discouraged and will manage to get it done.

    Good luck getting it all accomplished.

  4. Oh, I was hoping to see you this weekend. Looks like you're all tied up. :(


  5. Just won't you don't want on a ride! It's like discovering a flat battery on your bike after you've got all your leathers, boots, gloves and other clobber on - it's all got to come off again if you're not going to sweat to death waiting for the battery to charge up a bit!

  6. You must be quite the mechanic. The thought of removing the rear wheel would have me running from the garage in a gibbering panic

  7. Barry; It wasn't hard at all. This was my first time taking a rear tire off and don't know why I waited so long.