Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day Well Spent

Sash and Highway made a stop in the Phoenix area to do a show on Monkey Butt Radio.  We took the opportunity to get together for breakfast and a ride.

This is just as they arrived at The Place ready for breakfast.  The Place originated in Flagstaff, Arizona as Mike and Ronda's.   I learned about it when my daughter was going to NAU and it is still my get away breakfast joint whenever I travel heading north.  Breakfast was plentiful and delicious as usual for The Place.

The weather couldn't have been better with bright sunshine and a high just around 95.  Leaving breakfast we headed up to the Cave Creek/Carefree area of yard art you never knew you needed and biker bars toward Barlett Lake.  Rolling through Cave Creek Sash spotted a restaurant named Cartwright's and since that is her maiden name we had to make a stop.

From there is was back on the road heading east to the turn off to the lake.  This is the second most fun road into a lake in Arizona near the Phoenix area.  It is 16 miles of nice sweeping turns, stunning scenery,  and bathed in sunshine today.  Running at a leisurely 50 MPH I lead towards the lake.  Reaching the boat launch area we found a nearly empty lake.  

The last time I was out here in June 2013 the water was at least as high as the light colored pavement on the right.  This is the only ramp on this half of the lake and it is now closed.  People were still launching off of the bank just to the south of here.  However there were very few boats on the lake and no cars in the parking lot.  In the past a weekday trip out here would have at least half of the parking lot filled and the lake filled with boats.

Sash and Highway enjoying the perfect weather.

Time to head back toward town and as we left the parking lot Sash rocketed past me like I was standing still.  The trip out was run at 60 -70 MPH.  The last time I rode with Sash and Highway was in Tucson going to Mount Lemmon and she was a newbie.  Funny what riding across the USA and back can do for a person as her riding has grown exponentially. Having a riding mentor and teacher like Highway doesn't hurt at all, but I was impressed with her belief in her riding and her skill level.

We made a stop at the Tap Haus Bar and Grill for a beverage and appetizers before heading in our separate directions.  Today was a perfect riding day and I look forward to the next time we can get together.  Thanks for sharing your day with me! 


  1. We had such a good day riding with you Paul! :) Thanks for spending the day with us. The scenery, the company, and the weather were ideal. Those are the days that most riders live for.

    Thanks for the compliment, by the way. LOL!! I still feel like a newbie, every day!


  2. Pretty cool that you got to spend some time with them, were you on the radio show as well?

  3. Sash; It was a great day! It is surprising you have only been riding just over a year. You are a pro!

    Richard; Nope, I wasn't on the show.

  4. What an awesome day for a ride. Of course being from Oregon 95˚ seems a mite too toasty.

    So cool that the three of you enjoyed a visit and a ride together.

    So sad the lake is that low in April.

  5. Paul:

    of course we are all envious of your good, year round, riding weather. It's always great when you can meet up with other bloggers.

    and I agree, Sash is such a pro now

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast