Monday, May 12, 2014

Routine Maintenance Isn't Always Routine

I bought a new clutch pack about a year ago and because the old one was slipping now was a good time to put it in.  So, Mother's Day Sunday instead of just sitting around I went to work.  I was surprised when the job only took two hours, but when test riding Petunia the new clutch slips worse than the old one.  It was supposed to be a heavy duty clutch, but at 30 MPH and opening the throttle wide open the RPMs went to 4,000 and the bike barely moved.

So, I jumped on the web and ordered a Barnett Kevlar Extra Clutch Plate kit.  It is supposed to be here as early as Tuesday - Thursday and I will try again.

A few weeks ago I had checked my primary chain adjusting shoe and found it showed considerable wear.  I say considerable wear because I changed it only about 10,000 miles ago.  The original one was at least twice as thick as the one the Harley dealer sold me and claimed Harley changed to the new thinner ones because they were better.

Instead of getting another 'new and improved' one from Harley I picked up a York Automatic Primary Chain Adjuster #18-0581.  The shoe rides on a double spring which allows it to move as needed and is closer to the thickness on the old original shoe.  Hopefully it won't wear as quickly as the one I took off. 

Because the new new clutch is supposed to be here Tuesday - Thursday I will take Petunia apart Tuesday morning just to be ready.  This possible delay is most troubling because I have a weekend ride scheduled that I don't want to miss.

UPDATE; The new new clutch arrived Wednesday afternoon at 1:30. Petunia was on the road at 2:15 and seems to be running as she should. Will take her out Thursday morning for more of a test, but it looks favorable for a Road Trip this weekend!


  1. Sounds like Petunia couldn't find a better owner. Hope everything works out for the weekend.

  2. Paul:

    I hope your part comes in on time too. Wouldn't want you to miss your weekend ride.

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Glad to see your beautiful Petunia getting the attention she deserves. :) The only thing she likes more than a ride is to be worked on. Like any woman!
    Sash Mouth Rude Biker Chick

  4. When routine maintenance gets little hiccups it isn't so bad when it doesn't interfere with anything. It is the worst when it either a) costs a lot extra; or b) hampers with a planned ride.

    Sure hope she is race ready for the weekend.

  5. Steve; I have to treat her well, so she doesn't leave me on the side of the road.

    bob skoot; That makes 2 of us.

    Sash; Thanks, glad y'all made it home safely.

    Trobairitz; I've been spoiled with maintenance going smoothly. At least this time I started with a window for hiccups.