Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Saturday in the Country

Saturday morning arrived with cool temperatures and bright sunshine.  The original plan was to be at Nancy's place around 9:30, so I called about 8:00 to be sure she was ready.  Her place is Southwest of Sierra Vista and while she sent great directions, they are only useful if I had taken them with me.

I placed a second phone call when it was apparent I was lost and thought I was straightened out.  Getting lost a second time resulted a third phone call and finally when I turned the corner Nancy was standing there waiting. It would have so much easier if I would have remembered to take the directions. First came the tour of the outside acre of her property and all the hard work of planting and installing fence and irrigation systems.  Then it was to the inside and the tour of her beautiful home that had also received a lot of TLC after its purchase.

After a cup of coffee and catching up for a while it was time to go explore the reason she loves this area so much. Our first stop was into Ramsey Canyon.  The trail head was about two miles from her place and changed from desert landscaping into tall trees and a hiking trail that rose up to 9,800 feet in elevation.

Bridge to begin the hike just outside the Visitors Center

I wasn't aware that the elevation here was about the same as Flagstaff, but as we started walking Nancy told me if I needed to rest to just stop. Well, it was hard to breath with the allergies plugging me up, not to mention to the lack of exercise on my part, but I kept plugging along.  Being in the shaded areas was pleasant as it was heating up.  

This rustic log cabin is along side the trail

View of the mountain top

It was an enjoyable walk/hike and the scenery was beautiful. Not anything like I could have imagined.  We drove, in a cage, to a couple of other areas that Nancy hikes and then headed over to Carr Canyon.

We took a walk down to the location of the original Carr House which is now in ruins.  It was interesting to speculate about the construction methods used based on what was left of the house. It showed signs of being updated as the walls had been chiseled out and notched for electrical outlets. It also appeared that galvanized pipes were used, but couldn't really tell if it was for water or support. We stopped in the Visitors Center on the way back up and took a look around.

This tree is just off the front porch of the old house

A reminder that we are on the US/Mexico Border. Tracking devise used to locate Border Crossers.  However with the terrain around here I can't imagine they have many.

Next we headed into Sierra Vista and stopped at La Casita Restaurant & Cantina for lunch. The food here was very good. We returned to Nancy's and sat on the porch talking until Happy Hour time and shared a bottle of wine.  We continued to talk for another couple of hours until moving inside until bed time.

Sunday morning arrived to cool, almost cold weather. After breakfast it was time to don jacket and gloves and head to the barn. It finally warmed enough at Picacho Peak to remove the gloves and jacket when I got gas. The ride home was mostly uneventful and it was good to get much needed windshield time in.  Arrived at home after 3.5 hours and went to collect Dexter.

The doggy sitter told me they would like to keep Dexter because he was such a lover. I respectfully declined their offer and he must have had a great time with the other dogs because he slept all day on Sunday and Monday turned into the same.


  1. Ramsey Canyon looks and sounds like a beautiful area. And the elevation, to me, is surprising. I never associate AZ with mountains. Thanks for the tour!

  2. Richard M; Arizona where you can water ski in the morning and snow ski in the afternoon. In the winter....not now.

  3. Sounds just beautiful and a perfect day. The elevation alone was probably a part of the slow down, but you made it. Sounds like the doggy had a great day too :)

  4. Those look like wonderful hiking areas. I empathize with your allergies - it is that time of year.

    No sneezing in your helmet though - that is the worst.

    Thanks for the tour.

  5. KT; Elevation was an issue, but even with round being a shape I could use more exercise.

    Trobairitz; Those are only two of the several trails to hike in that area. The views are spectacular and going down there again is on my agenda.

  6. Paul:

    I think we all need more exercise. I have gotten used to using the throttle more than my legs

    I was wondering how you could hike and where did you store your boots and riding gear. That is the challenge when you ride there on 2 wheels.

    Next time, do what I do. When you get a bit tired, just grab your camera and take a few snapshots. Everyone will think you are taking scenic photos when in reality it is an excuse to catch your breath

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

  7. Bob; I took shorts and tennis shoes in my bags, changed at Nancy's, and left my riding gear there, with Petunia. I employed that picture taking strategy a couple of times.