Monday, September 8, 2014

Just When You Think You're Done

Saturday was spent adding turn signals to the Pigpen.  Removing the carpet from the inside walls, drilling holes, running wires,  soldering the splices together, then success it all works, using spray adhesive to reattach the carpet and the job was done.

Sunday was scheduled as a day to go riding.  So, off I went at about 9 AM heading Northwest toward Wickenburg and wherever the road took me.  That was until about 10 miles down US 60 when I tried to downshift stopping for a red light.  Shifting is something I barely even think about as it is an automatic reflex after all these years.  Automatic until your heel tries to shift and nothing happens.  Foot searching and there is nothing there.

Turning right to make my way slowly into a gas station, stopping on the shady side, I discover a stripped shift shaft.  The outside splines had given me a problem a couple of months ago about 50 miles from home at my niece's house.  I fixed it enough to get home and repaired it the next day.  Today the inside spline decided it wanted to play and somehow pulled completely out of the shift rod lever.  Luckily I had put the tool pouch back into the bike where it belonged and had enough tools to make a repair enough to get back to the house.

Petunia is now sitting in the garage waiting for the new shift shaft that hopefully will be delivered in about three days.  Funny how the local Dealer doesn't have the part in stock and needs to order it, but the online Dealers have it ready to ship.  On the bright side I was close to the house and made it home with little effort.  On an even brighter side I am typing this while listening to the thunder and rain pouring down outside.  It is pouring off the roof and I can still hear it beating on the roof and windows.  Wouldn't be riding today anyway.

Wednesday Update:  The parts arrived today and after half an hour in the garage Petunia is road worthy again.  Just a short ride to check the shifting and it feels a lot better, more positive and neutral is easier to find.  A little later tonight or tomorrow afternoon and I will take her on a longer jaunt to get a better test.


  1. Ride a motorcycle they would be cheaper they said.....

    Hope you get things fixed without too much issue. Glad you had the tool kit with you too.

  2. Better to have things fixed and since the rain is there, you can take some time. Sorry about the ride though. Still, I am excited for this venture!

  3. The way it's going in the valley, you might need to make that sidecar into a boat! :o

  4. Trobairitz; It is only a $15 part which is cheap in the Harley world. I just don't want to take the chance of not changing it out for that price.

    Kathy; After 250 miles I am getting back into the driving of a hack. I was disappointed to have to call off the ride yesterday, but wasn't willing to chance a long walk home.

    Wraith; Welcome to the blog. Congratulations on joining the ranks of Harley owners. Interesting Blogs you have and I am going to try a couple of the recipes you posted.

  5. Glad you made it home safe and can repair it economically and still see the bright side. Doesn't the rain sound lovely when you can't go anywhere - anyway!

  6. Awesome! You actually read both?

    Most people just read my political blog, but I've been trying to keep the non-politics on the family friendly side. I'm just trying to figure out how to describe dropping my bike without my language peeling the paint off the walls.

    (It hurts. I feel like a child abuser.) :(