Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pigpen Updates

Seems like reattaching the pigpen is one thing after another.  Nothing major, just things that probably were needed anyway.  After 500 miles with the pigpen I realized at 65 mph and higher the clutch was slipping and the rig would not pull on upgrades.  Checking into this I found that with the added power of the motor update and the weight of the pigpen the clutch spring may have been to weak.  So, I replaced it with a heavy duty clutch spring today.  Yes, it is going to take some getting used to the added strength needed to operate the clutch now, but Petunia pulls the pigpen a lot better now and sixth gear is now usable.

 When I added the turn signals to the pigpen I was worried about the power draw and swapped over to all LED lights on the 6 signals.   They blinked faster then they should, so I put in a plug and play load equalizer to correct that problem.

Driving the rig gets easier every time I take it out.  I am still making adjustments for Dexter and he is getting better about riding.  Next project is to remove the seat and install a platform that will lower him seven inches into the tub.  That will get him out of the wind and allow him to move around more.

I have also ordered a new set of triple trees from an 09 Tri Glide to make the steering easier at speed.  After talking with a couple of people, changing out the front geometry will make a huge difference in the handling.  The Tri Glide triple trees cost a third of the other option and are really a stock Harley option.  Hopefully this will be the end of upgrades and I can spend some of this garage time on highway time.  I believe that may start with a weekend ride in just a couple of days time. 


  1. Sounds like you are dealing with the issues pretty well. Once you get it sorted you'll have miles and miles of enjoyment as will Dexter.

  2. It sounds like milder weather may be on the horizon and the beginning of your riding season. I think you'll like the lighter steering once you reduce trail. The Beemer doesn't have any steering mods and after a couple of hundred miles, I'm ready for the Ibuprofen.

  3. Trobairitz; My eye is on the end result and Dexter going along is helpful. reminds me of the old saying..It ain't no hill for a climber.

    Richard; My only real problem is slowing down enough to have a strong grip on the left bar when turning right. Cars out here run up your exhaust pipe trying to help you turn. The lighter steering should help that. I am relearning how to shoot the rig through right handers like in the old Aspencade years.

  4. i love your posts, azhd :)
    here's to hoping that weekend ride of yours is starting in 3, 2, 1...

  5. Glad you and Dexter are ironing out the kinks ... hope your weekend is shaping up as good as our Eastern Ontario weekend hopes to be.

  6. Weekend ride was a washout! I did ride to meet Sash and Steve for breakfast, but then it was back to the house and the rain wasn't far behind. The wind and thunder had me wondering if the windows would hold up. So, I'll have to see what tomorrow brings.

  7. Sorry to read that you are so frustrated with your upgrades. But I'm really glad we had breakfast with you! Yes, that was a helluva rain, huh?
    See you soon,
    Sash ~ The Rude Biker Chick
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